Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sequentially (and slowly) Recapping December

I'm not even sure how to recap since the last blogging post! This time of year is SO full, and it leaves little to none for blogging. :) However, it's the most wonderful time of year and I hate I have to put it to the wayside, but more important things call! I will do my best to hit the big events!

What seems like forever ago... we had our Christmas Parade. Burke and HM got to watch with some friends, while I walked with the girls. It was COLD, but they didn't seem to mind!

We spent a lot of afternoons working with these amazing ladies.
(Right before show time!)

(Actual show time :)

(Samuel, Ryan, and Martez)
I can't get enough of their suits! Festive and so much fun!

Many days of practice ended up like this...

while the band was doing this...

Somehow we manage. lol

We've had friends over in between events...

and sister was infatuated with this real live baby doll... 
I don't blame her... I was too!

Burke had his Christmas performance at school... they worked so hard and it was just precious.
Of course, as I was watching (and recording... or so I thought), I realized halfway in that my phone was FULL. So I missed my Shepard boy's debut. Thankfully my sweet friend, Candace, got a good picture of his entrance. 

Burke sang and rung his bell like there was no tomorrow. :)

Here he is getting into his performance. :)

So glad Daddy was there!

These two are the cutest!

We've gone to hot cocoa parties...

Where cookie consuming was about equivalent to cookie decorating.  (as it should be)

We've been carrying out the real reason for Christmas... showing love and Jesus' light to the best of our ability,

 sharing our voice and a hug with those that need it most, 

(This precious lady reminded me so much of GeGe)

and had so much fun doing it.

Not many days or nights weren't full in December, but we found time for a few fun crafts...

(That's our pumpkin! ha!)

and of course... time to watch the finale of Survivor! (YES... Burke watches! He LOVES it. He mainly tunes in at the "challwrenges." :)

In addition to the Christmas season, I've been reminiscing about this little one ... and her ability to somehow teleport to her second birthday.
In just five short days she will no longer be one... and I can't believe it.

More on Christmas soon!

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