Friday, December 30, 2016

More on December...

 A few weeks ago, I got to attend one of my very favorite's wedding.

I coached Katie while I was at Auburn. She went on to be an Auburn Majorette herself, and I could not have been more proud. She is one of the SWEETEST, kindest, genuine and most hard working students I've ever had. She oozes happy (like... all the time!) and couldn't be more gorgeous. I was blessed beyond measure to watch her walk down the aisle to marry her prince! It seriously was SO gorgeous. Pictures do not do it justice.
She was married at the same church Ryan and I attended while at Auburn, and the minister who married them was the same voice we heard every Sunday. What memories it brought back!

Such a fun date night!

Isn't she GORGEOUS?!

We didn't hurry home, since Ree and PaPa were taking such good care of the kids while we were away. So fun to get dressed up and enjoy one another.

After a busy weekend, of Ryan's office party, the wedding, wrapping, and a Christmas concert, it was down to the last week of school. 

Monday, was Grinch Day!
I made his shirt the night before at midnight. lol

All because the boy requested a "Grinch shirt"... I aim to please. :)

I'm getting better and better... but still have tweaks to work through. All in time!

That afternoon, Burke saw it fit to make a Cindy-Lou-Who... 

and fetch a stuffed Maxx (he's leading the changing pad sleigh, if you can't tell. Poor dog was whipped by a sword! :)

He was adamant about Whoville, and that the "Christmas tree must be taller than the houses." 
Love the attention to detail. :)

Tuesday... we skipped school and spent the morning with Jack at the Burger King playground. :)

Wednesday, was Burke's class Christmas party!

Sister had to be a part!

Funny (but embarrassing story)... I totally left HM.
Like... with "the big kids."

Burke wanted to stay at school for another hour after the party, with his friends. So I agreed and left... walking out with my friend Candace and her daughters. As I'm walking into the parking lot, I say "Gosh... feels like I'm forgetting something. My arms were so full coming in today!"

Just as it hit me!


I run back inside, only to see one of the other parents coming outside to get me because sister had LOST. IT. in the classroom.

I was SO embarrassed! lol I have never done anything like that before.

It actually scared me to death and reminded me to SLOW down (and bribe the other parents not to turn me in. haha)

The next day, we decided to take an impromptu trip to Birmingham... partly because I HAD to go to Hobby Lobby (yet again). But no trip to Birmingham is complete without a little fun.

Airwalk it was.

and then we brought the party over to Chick-fil-a... where else?!
They were cracking each other up... she is tough as nails I tell you. I stopped the video only to run to catch her because Burke basically body slams her over his shoulder... on repeat... and she thought it to be hilarious (i did not).

The next day, Cade came over for his annual Christmas stay. :)

Gabriel and Luella gave us instructions to spread Christams cheer through our annual Coleman Christmas Light award! This has become one of our most favorite traditions! So glad Cade was a part this year!

We found the COOLEST house. It won hands down!

When we got back, it was baths, snacks, and a movie!

The next day, we headed to the park!

I caught Cade having tea parties with sister. (Yes, I melted.)

And our angels left us the ingredients to make Jesus' birthday cake!
(We took this on during sisters nap time)

As soon as everyone was up and ready, Ree and PaPa scooped them up and headed to Chucky Cheese and a spend the night party at the lake. It's become a tradition for the grands to spend the 23rd with them... they get to have fun while Santa and his elves get to serious work on any construction that must be achieved before Christmas morning. 

The last presents were wrapped (I kind of loved polka dots this year...every package had some form of polka dot on it!) I love a theme!

This is one of my favorite spots in the house... I LOVE seeing all our precious family and friends as soon as we walk in the door!

Burke's tree. lol
We never got around to decorating it all the way and then half his lights stopped working. #reallife
However, he was SUPER ecstatic over his ornament this year. Since he was born, I bought something that I thought he was "in to" that year... of course year one was a total guess, but he seemed to gravitate towards trains and planes, year two- was definitely Curious George, year three- Paw Patrol, and this year (of course) was transformers ... he would want you to know, it changed colors. It really was cooler than I had imaged. (Thanks Amazon. hahaha)

Sister's tree...

Was as girly, monogrammed and sentimental as you can imagine. :)

Her birthday pearls, baby shoes, first ornament, and monogrammed bonnet as the topper. It was oh so perfect!
I was very tempted to start her a collection... but I wanted it to be different than Burke's. She's a girl, and will appreciate detail and sentimental one day, so after getting an idea from my friend Joy's tree (she gets a hand painted ornament from the same artist every year for her daughter... and they are soooo pretty!) I decided to hand paint/draw my own. They are nothing special, but I think one day she will love them... and until she is old enough to take them to her own tree in her own home, they will be displayed on mine... where I can reminisce about sweet times.
This is this year's... and represents what she is MOST into... her "doll-doll" of course. 

I will be backdating her fist Christmas ... since I'm just now starting this tradition. :) It will be the nativity.

That next morning, Ryan and I headed to Ree and PaPa's and everyone enjoyed a delicious lunch by Ree and the present opening ensued!

New wheels all around!

(Burke got a super cool scooter)

Sister, her first PINK tricycle ...

with the most handy handle for mom and dad! (Praise!)

Some American Girl doll goodies, straight from New York.

Burke, a bow and arrow!

Sister LOVED the puppy she opened. :)

Lots of fun was had that afternoon!

We headed straight home to change for our Christmas Eve service.

This is one of my most favorite things ever. While it's really hard to make it through two hours in church with little ones... it's just the thing to bring the focus where is should be right before Christmas morning.

Afterwards, we hurried home before anyone feel asleep, bathed, put out our cookies and milk for Santa, and reindeer food, and opened our traditional one gift which has always included pajamas, book, movie, popcorn, and a small surprise... while so much fun, they are starting to be old enough to pick out gifts for each other. It was our tradition in my family to open one gift the night before Christmas, so in Christmas's to come we are going to do just that, but they will be opening their gift from one another. I let them "pick out" something for each other this year (did you know four and one year olds can online shop, too?lol) Of course I guided them... a lot. 
Burke settled on a Princess Jack-in-the-Box for Hylan Marie, and she "picked out" a new game for him. 

After all the excitement, they could hardly go to sleep. :) It took HM a good 20-30 minutes before she stopped talking to "doll-doll" in her crib that night. :)

More on Christmas morning next!

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