Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas Day and beyond

I'm hoping to wrap up my Christmas posts on this New Year's Eve!
(1. Because my people are all sleeping. :) 2. Because I HAVE to watch the ball drop in Times Square)

So these littles went to bed super excited. :)

When everyone was sleeping, Santa visited.

Hylan Marie woke up at some point during the night (typical) and Ryan decided he would sleep with Burke, just in case he woke up and sister joined me in our bed (again... typical. :) So at about 7am, Burke and Ryan came into our bedroom. I was pretty impressed with the 7 o'clock wake time!

After the Christmas Story was read, we let the kids loose!

Sister cracked me up running to Burke's pile! Sweet girl loves everything her brother does. 
Santa left Burke transformers and Hylan Marie a new doll stroller and put her doll in a new outfit. (it was so precious!)

Four and almost two are SUCH fun ages on Christmas morning!

The angels last visit, was of course the grand finale birthday cake!

They each opened two gifts from us inside...

After the kids opened our two presents, we told them there was one more for each of them to round out the three we always give each... outside. 

 Playing outside just got a lot more fun. :)

Then we had breakfast, which consisted of a butter braid I had laid out the night before, fruit, and sausage balls. Easy and everyone had plenty to eat!

We quickly got dressed for church to celebrate our Lord and Savior!

The Segars visited (along with Bitty)!
My kids were so excited about the surprise visit!

We came home, ate a quick lunch, and EVERYONE (including myself slept for 2+ hours! Sister slept for three!)

Later that day, we headed back to the lake for Christmas at the lake with this sweet clan.

It was warm enough for popsicles!

On the 27th we headed to Cullman to have Christmas with my side. We first stopped at Grandma and Grandpa Moyers.

Then to celebrate Jon's 30th bday!

After lunch and naps we opened presents.

Sister got a precious crib, a new doll, and lots of other goodies!

Burke got under armor to match daddy, games, and more transformers (of course.)

Later we went to Grandma and Grandpa Bartlett's.

What a wonderful Christmas we had. 
May everyone have a Happy New Year!

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