Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy Birthday, Hylan Marie

Our sweet girl turns two today at 8:58am.

 I'm so thankful for God's blessing on January 3rd, 2015, to today, January 3rd, 2017... and mostly... all those days in between. 

This little spunk of love is a much needed sass to our clan, sweet voice to our ears (have you heard her "yesh" (yes) come from her tiny self???), and gives the BIGGEST hugs around your neck. She adores her brother, despite the "no, mine's" and high pitched squealing you may hear coming from the playroom. She asks for "mommy" most of the time, but ONLY lets daddy brush her teeth and asks to watch "oot-ball" (football) ... which makes up for her mommy requests on the daily.

God blessed us immeasurably two years ago... I'm not sure I believe two years have gone by since I first held her in my arms.

Life is better because you are in it, Hylan Marie.
Happy Birthday 


  1. "Yeah" is only rivaled by "Buzz" from this precious princess. Happy Birthday Hylan Marie! You are so immeasurably loved by so many! Let your little light shine always. You are a blessing to us all! The Bartons love you sweet girl.

    1. So true, so true. :)
      Thank you for her sweet birthday message!