Thursday, December 8, 2016

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Ahhh.... Blogging fell to the wayside this week due to many things. One of them being the fact that my Christmas decorating this year has STRUGGLED. I couldn't finish for the life of me! (Mainly because I decided to take on a ridiculous paint project amongst the explosion of Christmas around here...) However, today, I got my act together and finished!... well... until about an hour ago when I realized the tree was no longer lit! Yeah... looks like I will be spending a good chunk of time tomorrow finding the dud strand of lights on the tree that is causing all the trouble. But NOT now... NOW I'm relaxing with tea and chocolate and blogging. YAAAS!

One of my VERY favorite Christmas traditions is stockings.... I love filling them... almost more than buying the bigger presents! My grandma Bartlett used to always give us a bag FULL of goodies at the end of the chaos of opening presents at her house... and I won't lie. It was one of my FAVORITE parts. Mostly because I knew she had put so much thought and spent a whole year being thrifty and collecting things here and there to put in ALL the grandkids and her own kids bags and because it was very similar to opening your stocking on Christmas morning... it's all surprises (and if you don't know... I LOVE surprises... almost to a fault) and thoughtfulness! My mom now does the same thing, and it's so fun. Little goodies make me happy! 

With that said... here are some things I am putting in my littles stockings this year! I like practical things mixed in with the cute "bags of coal"gum and such. :)

1) Inchbug Orbit Labels- Burke has had a set of these since we were in Atlanta and he had to go to daycare the year I worked. He still uses the exact same ones! I NEVER take them off, unless I am changing cups, and I even put them in the dishwasher! They honestly look brand new. Needless to say, it's MUCH easier than writing your child's name a million times a year on their sippy cup...and I'm pretty sure if he has used them for four+ years, it is safe to say they paid for themselves! Since sister has started Mom's Morning Out, she desperately needs a set! So these will be in her stocking for sure! If you order now, it's free shipping! Whoohoo!

2) Sticking to the practical side... these are the best water bottles and will be filled with some cute candy to they will not be depressed that they got a water bottle. hahaha (It's all about balance. :)
Ours are worn out, and we're in dire need of some new ones!

3) Cubebots- As mentioned before, Burke is soooo into transformers this year. We recently went to the doctor for a one year follow-up for Hylan Marie's tubes and they had these in the office for kids to play with. 

I remembered them from teaching (they are GREAT for your ADHD kids!) but also keep little hands busy and little minds occupied for a crazy amount of time! In fact... I bought one for my 93 year old grandmother's stocking, because of her constant need to move her hands. 
It comes in bigger sizes too (which would be awesome!) but I was looking for something smaller (and cheaper) for a kid's stocking. There are also simpler colors that don't cost as much... like this orange one!

4) Wet brush- That's right... a brush. If you haven't experienced the wet brush (and you have super tangly hair like my and my daughter) you HAVE to try it. It goes through your hair like butter... and doesn't hurt! I don't know why.. or how... but we will always be fans. I bought this twin pack because I needed a new one myself, and the little one is perfect for her little hands, and to keep in my purse when she needs it!

5) A fun toothbrush ... because who doesn't love one that spins or lights up! :)

and the rest will probably be impractical junk that they will think hung the moon. haha!

Do you have any practical or fun gifts you recommend adding to the stocking loot?

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