Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Weekend Recap- let the festivities begin!

This weekend was jam packed with family, friends, and festive fun!

Friday (because, in my book... it's a weekend!), we met my mom in Birmingham for lunch and lots of errands and shopping... and carousel riding. :)

And cookie eating.... ;)

It was so fun and productive... (that's what happens when you have your mom along for the ride. :)
I mean I even found CHRISTMAS SHEETS! I've been dying to buy the kids these...

They are from Pottery Barn and can be found HERE.
I was not about to pay the 89$ price tag though! But lo and behold, would you know they were 1/2 off last Friday?! I rationalized the purchase by not buying the matching crib sheet and using the flat sheet (folding over a few times) as sister's matching bedding! Burke never uses the flat sheet anyway... the duvet is his thing. So it works perfectly!

I had one excited little boy! :) #makesittotallyworthit

Sister loved it too!

Saturday, we headed to the lake to celebrate Hudson! 
Did they not do the most adorable job with the party?!

Burke totally trying to get in some practice before March. lol...

B made Hudson a special card, and here he is telling him all about it. :)

The last present was from everyone... it was a big one!
(Here he is waiting for it to be revealed. ha!)

He LOVED his tractor... and so did everyone else. :)(

We then gathered for dinner that evening to celebrate the other big birthdays of the family. William and Wes.

Burke and NaNa got in some puzzle time.

And lastly, we got this group all together for one sweet picture! I mean... these matching pi's from Ree are to die for! HM even has ruffles. #swoon

We headed back after the SEC championship game and after most of the Auburn basketball game was watched.

Sunday, we went to church, the children's choir sang (which was so precious-as always) and this happened.

Sister HAS to do everything big brother does... and she really behaves so well during children's minute (pictured above) so we let her have at it. Precious, precious moments!

After church, we came home for lunch and naps... but not before doing THIS.

We Facetimed Santa, ya'll! It's a free app YOU MUST download asap. It's called "Video Santa." It's so lifelike! He does ask the same questions if you call again, but the Burke never noticed. They absolutely loved it.

Then there was rain... which meant, naps, the continuation of my crazy painting project (showing soon!), and Ryan fixed our drain (so glad I married the handiest man alive.) Then we headed to Snacks with Santa at church! What a great event they put on!

The CUTE Barton babies!

HM and Francis

Sister does not dig Santa (as you will see on our Christmas card, hahaha), but warmed up with my tried and true "give him a high five method" #workslikeacharm

She even forced a smile and sat on his lap... willingly!

(Excuse all the yellow... terrible lighting!)

Burke was happily surprised when Jack showed up!

After that (yes... there is more!) we headed to decorate one of the elderly woman's homes from our church with The Morris Family.... well, lets just say it didn't go as planned and we had to resort to plan B- which was go buy a tree, decorate it in house, and walk it down the street to her house. lol 
You do whatever works, and we were happy seeing someone enjoy a little touch of Christmas!

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