Thursday, November 17, 2016

Walmart grocery pick-up review and 10$ off your groceries!

So here is my Walmart grocery pick-up additional photos of my kids, of course. :)

Yesterday on our way to school Burke spotted the biggest leaf pile. We had to stop and jump in. :)

After picking him up from school, we headed to meet daddy at Chick-fil-a. This was a treat since he was out of town the night prior!


Tuesday, I had blogged about trying out the Walmart grocery pick-up, and so many people were just as pumped as I was!

Let me tell you... it was as wonderful as it sounds.

Here is how it goes down...

Download the app (or you can do from your desktop... but the app is SO convenient!)
It's the orange one on the bottom right...

You have to register the first time... and then do your online grocery shopping! What I love the most is that when I realize I'm in need of something, I just add it to my cart and it stays there until I'm ready to checkout... basically a running list until I have to actually go to the store. You will select the nearest Walmart that offers this service, and a time slot for pick-up (For example, I choose between 3-4pm!).

Before you leave to pick-up your groceries, make sure to "check-in"... this allows them to track you and have your groceries ready so you don't have to wait! (It keeps getting better and better, right?)

Here's my view once I arrived!
It was plainly marked on how to get to the side of the store where you do the picking up!

They walked out with my groceries in tow, loaded them (I didn't even have to get out of the car!), and the associate was SO nice. I signed his tablet and my card was charged!

They are even giving out these goody bags for a limited time! 

Walmart nailed on this one I tell you!

The only thing I would warn you about is that mistakes do happen! My friend Wendy did this earlier in the day, and two items were left out of her loot. So make sure to double check it! They did allow me to pick it up for her, so that was nice and small town like. :) I, however, did not have any things missing... all in all... it's worth the risk. :) I mean... I forget at least two things every time I go myself anyway! ha!

You will receive the receipt via email and can punch your receipt into savings catcher as you would if you had the receipt! (I saved $4.13 on this past trip!) The only thing I haven't figured out how to do is use Ibotta with the online receipt yet... if you know, fill me in!)

Right now, use the code REALEASY at checkout! You will get 10$ off your bill!

AND you will get another 10$ coupon after you place your first order!

AND you can earn up to 10$ off when you refer a friend, up to 10 friends... so 100$! 
So, I can save you 10$ and you get 10$ off too over and over again! Here is my promo code:

You just plug it in here.
... and then you can do the same by passing along the personal promo code you will receive once you register as well!

I hope you enjoy this convenience as much as I know I have, and will in the future... I mean, it's fixing to get cold and getting little ones out in it is NOT fun. Thank you Walmart!

Walmart did not promote this post. All opinions and reviews are my own.

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