Tuesday, November 15, 2016

It's starting to feel a lot like....

Soup weather!

Since band practice has been winding down, and the weather getting cooler (finally!), I have found myself wanting to cook more... (it's about time).

Here is a recipe or two that I have fallen IN LOVE with recently, that I highly recommend! Both are soups!

1) Southwest Chicken Soup- Last year some of my girlfriends and I had a bible study going... I sure do miss it! We did a Kelly Minter study called Nehemiah. (So good!) The author so lovingly had recipes throughout the book... and this soup just happens to be one of the very best, and easiest things you can throw together in no time! (I'm all about an easy recipe!)

I left out the chili powder, I despise sour cream, and used a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store to cut down on time! If you have feta cheese crumbles on hand, it goes wonderfully!
It's so good... you'll be craving it all winter! I'm pretty sure I made it every other week at our house last year. :)

2) Chicken and Wild Rice Soup (sorry it's sideways!)
This recipe was sent to me by my dear friend Amy. She and I both have a love for fast, easy, semi-healthy meals... haha...and whenever we come across a good one we shoot it to one another via text. :) I love this for more than the obvious reason (a new tried and true delicious recipe in my back pocket!)... but more so because it shows we think about each other often, even though we are far apart (she lives in North Georgia).

What's really funny is that I'm pretty sure Laura (the Walmart-app saint from yesterday's post) made this for me a week prior when I was sick (yes, I have amazing friends!)... and it was so yummy! They tasted very similar, if they weren't the same recipe.

Serve along a side salad and one of those $1 french loaves from Walmart and you have a simple and delicious cold weather meal!

Enjoy friends! 

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