Monday, November 14, 2016


I have decided to make my New Year Resolution early. It starts today!

My Novemberlution is to blog, every weekday (yes, like a real blogger). I always feel like I'm playing catch-up, photo dumping, or not leaving enough details about Hylan Marie (because we all know the first child gets your very best attempts at parenting), so hopefully this will help. So it may be one picture (or none), a long post, or a sentence, but Novemberlution is in full swing!

And to start... here are three random things...
Planning for next year is already in the works! I'm super sad to see some of our seniors go (I mean... wait till you see #2's random thing) but excited for what the future has in store!

We had dance practice today with the auxiliaries...
 and this is why I may cry when some of these girls leave me. My kids LOVE them, and they get loved in return.
Burke basically follows "Mws. Wibby" around the dance floor because, and in his words "I just wanna stand by her." 

He was super pumped she got to come over and babysit tonight while I had to help with Sylacauga Playhouse Registration! :)

Walmart Grocery app.


I read about it via another blogger recently, but knew the one in our area didn't offer it... well, my sweet friend Laura (who should now be considered for sainthood) told me the one in Chelsea is up and running and she will never go in Walmart again. (Just kidding... but don't you wish! lol)

Basically, you load your cart with your groceries, and choose a pick-up time. They are able to track you and you check in with them when you are on your way! They bring the groceries to your car and everything! It will save me from buying things that are not on my list, and help me not to forget things I need... in addition to the obvious... not having to go to Walmart with little ones in tow!

Let me know if you try it out!

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