Sunday, November 13, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween seems like forever ago, but with the busy end to high school football season and passing around "the bug" as Burke calls it... recap happens when it happens. 

We went to Cullman to trick-or-treat the weekend before Halloween... or so that's what I told the kids. :) This kind of anticipation makes a car ride much more bearable. :)

First stop, was lunch with friends! Mom met me in town, where she took the little ones to eat and play at the park. So nice!
 I did not get a picture, but my sweet high school friends and I try to meet up for a quick catch-up session two or three times a year. This time Cassie was about a month away from having their second child. The Mexican food, lots of laughter, (and the good Lord) were at work, because she went into labor the next day! Sweet Rhett was born perfectly healthy and his momma is so thankful!

Next stop, 
 Grandma and Grandpa Bartlett's to trick or treat. Oh how I love them so.

We then headed over to Jon and Magan's house, where they of course had gone over the top and spoiled the kids rotten by giving them #allthekingsizedcandy. Don't you remember the houses that gave out the biggest candy bars?? 
Well, HM filled her Walmart bag (yes... that's right... momma not only forgot the trick-or-treat bags, but also THEIR WHOLE SUITCASE at home.) To my defense, HM was playing and rolling it around the house after I had put it by the front door to load. Fortunatly, they had on decent clothes on their way to Cullman that mom just washed for them to wear the next day.

They even gave the kids a Halloween book!

And last, but not least, trick-or-treating at Pawpaw and Nanna's!

They had a ball. :)

Later that night....

Pie Face.
Both kids hated it. hahaha

Sunday after church and lunch with the family, we headed back home to make the annual Ernest Halloween party. Wouldn't have missed it!

And I'm pretty sure, that getting this picture is always the highlight, because....

He's got a reputation to live up to... (last year's pic... Spider Man far left)

I think this is hilarious, mainly because he is the sweetest child ever and I love him to bits!
Group photo ops just aren't his jam. :)

Lots of fun continued.... we love that our friends are also our neighbors!

The next day, was actually Halloween. lol
Is anyone else worn out by the time Halloween ACTUALLY gets here? I mean... it's kind of a let down once it's arrived because of all the pre-party we give it!

Halloween morning...
pumpkin inspired cinnamon rolls!

It was a dressing-up-your-PJ's kind of morning (aka- we were running late). So we went with it. I mean... she pulled it off, right. :) 
The shoes are the kicker. We love Mini Melissa! I mean... have you seen these shoes? Despite the price tag, we splurged and they are a favorite!

We were totally feeling the cool fall weather (just kidding... I think it was 75 degrees by this time) and did our normal routine of walking to school despite the costumes. They kinda loved it.

We made the parade with two minutes to spare. :)



Burke was not feeling my camera, but Collin was! Sweet boy showing my his super powers!

We caught glimpses of our friends babies, Jack and Frances!

Then we went inside PAR-TAY!
Where sister joined the group. :) She was so proud she was sitting among the big kids. 

Such good buddies, Jack and Burke.

And Mrs. Jacks had to be proud they went to the alphabet wall and started working on their sounds. haha Showing off for sure. haha!

I think this might be time out chair... *I hope this isn't telling of what I'm in for with this one.

Games outside!

Of course sister and to play too...

and feel a part. lol
Thankfully people put up with her.

We came home for a festive lunch...

napped, and then went to dance practice with the auxiliaries... and yes, I gave her an apple for a prop, but she saw it fit to eat. :)

As soon as daddy got home that evening, we headed to meet up with our neighbors and walk Elm Street. Not kidding. 

We had some sweet and festive neighbors!

Three aren't many more places more cool to tell people where you trick-or-treated. :)

I think we went to four houses. :) Burke LOVED it, and we totally have to step up our Halloween game next year and take him to more houses, but we were all wiped from the weekends events. 

We came home, and gave out our own candy for about an hour. 
Sorting and eating candy ensued until we called it at about 8:30pm.

Halloween 2016 in the books.
It was a great one!

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