Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Why yes, I completely skipped Halloween... I'll get back to that... but for now I feel like you need to see how clean, healthy, and lively children can go down the drain... fast.

Meet Saturday.

Planned to attend the Auburn game... well, sister had a cold that turned into "yuck" fast Friday night, and on our way to The Plains- (mid-fight song), she threw up straight mucus.
We turned around immediately and she and I hauled it back to Sylacauga while Ryan headed back to Auburn with the boys. 

They had a great time, we won a close game, and it felt totally weird watching it on the TV. 

But by the end of the game, a few more throwing-up episodes, and a couple of breathing treatment later, things were looking up. I guess her little body couldn't handle all that drainage!

Thank goodness, because we had church and a trunk show planned for Sunday! I was going to cancel because of the day prior, but she was back to normal, except the remnants of a cold.

So... everything went as planned... and the clothes did not disappoint. :)

A reversible fur vest, y'all!

And I got as much as little miss... THIS shirt and sweater!
I love the lace detail!

And we have these jammies already, but I needed models. :) The yellow floral sleeping bag is coming to my house asap...just for hosting a show! 
Being a Jane is totally worth it! You should check it out if you're interested... and let me know, because I love to support my friends when I order!

Fast forward to three hours later...

I noticed Burke in the dining room where I had all the snacks for the MJ party... well, when he started complaining of his stomach hurting we just assumed he ate too many sweets... well.... nope.
Upon laying him down to sleep, he thew up. 
New bedding, pj's, the whole nine yards... plus some. 

After the second time, we knew he had a stomach virus. :( It was happening so frequently (like every 15 minutes) we had to camp out in the bathroom. I later got smart, and really really uncomfortable on that concrete floor, that we hauled his mattress to the hallway around 3am. He was really good (after that first episode) about making it to the toilet. 

He was so weak, and we obviously spent the last two days inside, doing a billion loads of laundry, sanitizing, and trying to keep everyone happy. #noeasytask

Sister got creative with her imaginary play. :) #youknowyouvebeensickwhen...

So by this afternoon we were dying to get out of the house... and VOTE!
Burke was still tired, but at the mention of getting a lollipop, perked right up.

Sister was soooo happy and feeling great all day... so never did I think she had gotten it...

until about an hour ago. :( 
We are officially in round two....
But I totally got this. Starting out with a hallway bed and praying it doesn't come as frequently so we can get more than 10 minutes of sleep at a time... and that Ryan or myself are not next. 

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