Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fall Happenings

Burke's first class field trip was to Baker's Farm pumpkin patch, and it was a blast! The Friday's carpooled with us!

Burke has such a great teacher and sweet friends in his room. I am so thankful he loves school as much as he does.

Jack and Burke are two peas in a pod.

Sister came along too!

 And had sweet Mollie to take care of her.

Each of them found the PERFECT (and very dusty) pumpkin. :)

Did you know it hasn't rained in 60+ days??? 
So, you can imagine what we looked like when we finished... everything we brought had a layer of  brown dirt over it!

We left right before they had a picnic lunch because HM would need to get a nap in soon. On our way out the boys ran through a hay bale maze. 

It was a hit.

And lovingly posed for pictures. :)

Can' t leave sister out!

We didn't tackle the corn maze, but we took some pictures... of course. :)

Love this boy so!

Later that week, Ryan had to spend the night at work to play catch-up... (that' s right... craziness!) So party in mommas room... and look how sweet! (I mean, he's holding her hand!)

Friday, we found a gorgeous layer of red leaves to take a picture in while doing our morning walk with friends. This momma can't pass up a good picture!

Then it was off to Auburn for the Arkansas game!

It was on Ree's birthday! 
We love her so much! These kids are so lucky to call her theirs!

And I couldn't get over how handsome this guy looked... 

Ree bought all the kids a treat after half-time... and he chose a frozen lemonade...
he better be glad momma came prepared for cold weather. :)

And as every Auburn fan left the stadium with their chests a little puffed up last Saturday after the AHHHMAZING game they played... this meme sums up my feelings. :)


Sunday, Billy spoke in both services at church, and it was entitled "Grace Expectations." And boy did it move every single person who's ears heard it. He surely uses God's talents to the best ability. 

After that, we had lunch here and headed BACK to the pumpkin patch. lol
This time with Ree and Hudson.

Of course we pull up and it was completely packed, beyond dusty... more "dust bowl like"... but despite these hurdles, these kids had a blast.

This was SO high... I can't believe Burke and Hudson were brave enough to slide down!

Sister, trying to keep the sun out of her eyes with her hand like the big girls do. :)

This time, good pumpkins were a little harder to come by... and so were good pictures. :)

This next one, cracks. me. up.

^Pumpkin patched OUT^ hahaha

Monday, we had soccer... and WON!
That's right, first win of the season. hahaha

Sister enjoy soccer games just as much as Burke does... she has a ton of little girls to play with at all times. It's so sweet!

And Monday, this crew came out to support. :)
(Yes, we are holding up #1... but in actuality it just means we won one game. haha)

Then Tuesday, Burke spent the day with Jack after school, while sister and I had some girl time. 

Chicken Salad Chick for the win... this girl ate over half of my scoop... if not more! Next time, she gets her own... because mama has got to eat!

It was also the day (3 years ago) that we found out baby #2 wasn't with us anymore... It's always emotional to reflect on, but I do. It's important to remember that sweet baby, and share (unashamedly) with others...  No one wants to bring it up or experience it, but truth is, you want to remember, because if you don't acknowledge the loss, are you ignoring the life? Are you quieting the hurt so many other parents went/are going/ or will go through? I so badly wanted to know that child, but God saw a different plan, and His plan is greater. Just look at the two precious gifts Ryan and I have been blessed with on this earth. God is so good, and so good to give me the gift of coming face to face with that little being that was lost three years ago when I walk into heaven.

That evening the band and staff were recognized at the board meeting for having superior ratings at all competitions. I'm so proud of this group and thankful to be a part!

I was able to catch Burke's last soccer game of the season, just barely!

(AND can you PLEASE zoom in on the shoes HM has on... seriously. Cutest kicks EVER.)

Upon arriving home, daddy got to work on the water leak... wait... forgot to mention that Monday, I stepped into a flooded basement... so while daddy got to work on that, we stayed up late to decorate our pumpkins. It was just as much fun, if not more, than actually carving! I think I see another tradition starting! :)

So, this is our pumpkin family BEFORE the carve.

EVERY time we walk outside to leave for school in the morning, the kids think they have to get their picture with them. :)

And why yes... my child is wearing a Santa shirt... they have pictures with Santa in October, y'all!

Wednesday, we went to the coffee shop and I spied this girl cleaning her doll's hands and feet. hahaha... Glad to pass on my germ-a-phone tendencies to another generation. 

Burke was given a cool cookie by Mrs. Laura (you can put edible paint on the icing!) and he loved it!

And yesterday, we had a festive dinner...

(coolest chips in the land from Trader Joes!)

and spooky Halloween decor by Burke.

We went to our annual trunk-or-treat at church!
I obviously lost in the costume department this year...

For the longest Burke wanted to be Chase, then a dinosaur, then a character from PJ mask, and most recently, the spinner landed on this... thing, from Rescuebots. His name is Bumble bee. And while a "bumble bee" costume usually sparks images of fluffy cuteness with leggings and bobbing antenna's... this... does not.

I can't even.

I do think it ironic that my friend, Summer, had a REAL Bumblebee costume to spare that would fit HM. I mean... if this doesn't look desperate to coordinate I don't know what does. hahaha
So the title of this Halloween get-up will be known as "The Bumble Bee Transformation." 
(I'm dying a slow death as I look at these pictures.)

Burke and Grey
(Errr. Bumblebee and Storm trouper) 

We saw these two cute kids as well! Sweet boys!

We came home, counted our candy, (ate too much), bathed and went to bed!

And finally today...
this girl could no longer hang... and decided she MUST have pumpkin's paci on her way to pick up Burke from school today. I don't know what I'm doing allowing her to have it, but neither of my kids ever took one, and so I'm kind of loving how babyish it makes her look. I think she just loves playing dolls with it, because she really doesn't want anything to do with it, but at random parts of the day... like when she walks outside and sees the pumpkin with a paci in it's mouth. hahaha

On another note... THIS was shared this week.
ANNND, I am hosting a party. ASAP. :)

Hylan Marie will LOVE it and will be able to grow with it for years to come!
So mark your calendar's for November 6th from 3-5 at my house! The online party will go on for a few days following, and you won't want to miss the last release of the year. Too cute for words.

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