Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Favorites!

I can't believe it's Friday. This week flew by!

Looking back at it... lots of favorites were had. (The one below in particular from last Friday night, but who cares... it's so worthy. :)

Sister and I were home alone while the boys went to a LATE Auburn basketball game. 
We took full girly advantage.

We dressed in our coordinating (and OH so comfy) Matilda Jane PJ's, played dolls, brushed each others hair, and created a few sweet hairstyles. :) I mean... I can't get enough of that teeny tiny braid and killer pony. Swoon....

Having this precious girl is more amazing than I ever could have dreamed. 

Speaking of Hylan Marie of my FAVORITE things she does...

Hair is her go to comfort ... and if my hair is up when she wants it, she will reach up for it and whine!

THIS precious voice singing Holy, Holy, Holy...(melts me)

Gotta love how quickly she turned off the cuteness to start begging for the "huh, huh, huuuuuh" (which is her word for phone). It all started when she started talking... she loved watching Mary Grace perform her baton routine to music through a text I was sent... well, she started singing to get me to understand she wanted the phone, and it's stuck ever since. I didn't realize how NO ONE else understands this singsong request of "huh, huh, huuuuuh" until my sister in law literally asked "How did you know she wanted the phone?" when we were up for Halloween. ha! 

After a week of sickness and lets face it... TIME CHANGE, it's been hard getting back to a normal schedule. But through all the frustrations in the daily grind, I will always treasure our days at home more than anything. That will always be a FAVORITE.

Finding traces of Burke when he's at school is a FAVORITE too. :)
He's been trying a lot harder lately to be more organized and tidy... (don't we all!)... and when I see these little details, like Hylan Marie's dollhouse characters, so carefully placed and in a line, I see his efforts and try to remember to praise him for it.

Completing the church nursery (for the most part) is a huge FAVORITE.

Our church so graciously found us a new space to make into something wonderful! So many have donated their time and money into making it top notch, and we are so grateful to have been a hand in it's progress. To see Hylan Marie in here last Sunday made me so happy!

It's fresh, clean, furnished, and ready to house our sweet little ones as they grow in Him!

We had a few friends over this week... and seeing the love these little ones have for one another is my FAVORITE. 

One of the highlights of Jack's visit was when he asked me to "Feel his muscle" as he lifted his arm... upon my reaction of "Oh! So big!" He responds... "yeah... I've been working out." 
Dying i tell you.

Getting our new MJ in the mail was a favorite... that fur vest!
Also... the books HM is holding... they are the highlight "magazines" for toddlers. Y'all... she LOVES them. My mom has been buying the subscription for about a year now and she adores them. If you are looking for a gift for toddlers that keeps on giving this Christmas... this should be your go to! They are a laminated type of book... so they are really resilient (as you must be in order to hang with a toddler all day long.) ha!

Happy Friday!

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