Monday, November 21, 2016

A (really quick) weekend recap, because I've got silhouetting to do.

I don't know if silhouetting is a word... but auto correct is not trying to change it, so that's good... anyway, I think I mentioned back in the summer a lot of family pitched in to buy me the machine of my crafting dreams... and well... I have just not felt like I've had the time to learn it well enough to produce anything from it! I have had sweet friends, who have a Cameo or Silhouette, help and encourage me, but alas, I keep falling short. It defeats me. (Mainly because I feel like I have to watch a bizillion tube videos to get the logistics on how to produce just one product.) I am NOT the kind of person who likes trial and error. I like perfection the first time... and well... that's just not happening. But tonight... tonight I am designing my children's Christmas pajamas. (Are you laughing??? You should be if you're not.) It will be a Christmas miracle if they are indeed wearable. I will post pics- good or bad... we are in this together.

Now, the quick weekend recap!

We went to Auburn to cheer on our tigers in Jordan-Hare for the last time in 2016.
That tiger costume has come in more handy than you would ever believe.
We were all bundled up... except for Ryan. Bless him.

Lots of sugar was had! :) (The boy loves some cotton candy!)

And sister... well... she didn't hate it either. :) But Burke ate it so fast she didn't have a chance to get more than a pinch. :)

Cade (7 yrs.) and Burke (4 yrs.)

We got in really late Saturday night, and barely made it to the 9:00 service at church, but we did it!

On the way, I informed Ryan that a photographer I had been seeking out had an availability mid afternoon and I had snagged it... he wasn't too happy, but thankfully he puts up with me. :) #besthusbandaward 

Burke was the model subject... while sister,... well... she MAY have cracked a smile at one point, but I'll be surprised if it was captured. :)

We then headed home, and Ryan went to the Thanksgiving church service while I kept the littles at home because they were spent from the weekends eventful pace (and so was I!)

It was a busy busy weekend... and not much sight of that slowing down now that we are upon December #whereeveryweekendisbooked. 
I'm looking forward to time with family this week! Where we will be sure to sit, be still, and take in all our many blessings!

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