Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Weekend Recap- It's Independence Day!

July 4th is on the top of my holiday list. It's summer. There is no agenda... only food, family, fun, and the lake.

I will have to share this recipe .... it's the most easy and delicious blueberry breakfast casserole! I could have eaten the whole thing by myself, but refrained...kind of. :) 

I had to buy the two kiddos some last minute patriotic bathing suits when I was last minute shopping for the long weekend! I mean... when it's an Olympic Summer you get a lot more wear out of them, Amen?!

LOTS of water time was had, thanks to the amazing renovation Ree and PaPa did. We have never played so much in the water as we did this weekend! So much fun!

Sister showed off her new found skills with the puddle jumper. 

Twirling underwater (this was the end... and she was quite tired. :)

And jumping from the pier!

She (along with all the rest of us) consumed some of the best smoked meats (Shireen) and ice cream (my mom) that there ever has been. (EVER!)

On the actual 4th, we did everything on repeat... and it was wonderful!

Side note: HM's year and a half post is coming later this week, but this is one of the many things that cracks me up about this girl.... she insists I see ALL her tricks. Always. Over. And. Over.

If I'm holding her, she will grab my head and say momma until I look at her and give her all my attention. Or if I'm supposed to be a spectator to her body ball rolling skills (see below) she will scream my name until she gets my undivided attention. :)

And those imaginative boys in the back have my heart!

We settled in for fireworks this year instead of venturing out to watch them on Lake Martin. I was a GREAT decision and one I think we will do for many years to come until everyone is potty trained and bed time has moved from 7:30pm. :)

Happy Independence Day! 

So happy to live in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!

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