Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Keeping up with summer

So far, I can't keep up with the blog... which means we are having a great summer!
So, in no particular order.... 

some of the fun times had over the last week!

Swim lessons with Mrs. Ami!

HM has a ball with the older girls (and their doll collections), and she's getting golf lessons too ;)

while Burke is having so much fun with his buddy Jack.

Don't they have a gorgeous pool???

The boys love her!

Burke has done so well! He has a no fear attitude in the water, and seems to try about anything! I think he is coming along really well. Thanks to Candance for allowing up to crash their pool weekly!

We went to the zoo, and this girl looked oh so cute with the little bows in her piggies!
You can buy some here!


Daddy had a birthday, and got a cool bday present from Jon and Magan in the mail. :) Burke LOVED it. 

He's a great daddy!

To go along with his tool chest that he got for his birthday, we gave him this hammer (because Burke wanted to give him a "special" one just to build his treehouse) and made him a tape measure (no pinterest used... gasp!). I had Burke answer all kinds of questions about his dad.... it was hilarious, sweet, and something he will keep forever.

 Happy Father's Day!

The next week was VBS at our church.

I had Hylan Marie with me while helping with the 4 & 5 year olds... so I don't think I was very helpful, but we made it out alive!

Hylan had Alana to help her stay out of trouble too. :)

Kuddos to Leslie for making this happen! Burke's favorite parts were the crafts and singing!

... and maybe the fact that our neighbors got to come over every morning to play before we all packed in Libby at 8am. :) These girls are the sweetest!

When HM wasn't on my hip (teething, maybe?).... she was doing this. :)

We had an impromptu day at the lake on Saturday...

Sister, once again, was pretty fussy, but we still had fun. :)

Double fisting on a boat ride and loving it.

Later, we took at stroll down Elm. Burke practiced his running skills, but then decided he needed a ride too.... meanwhile, daddy performed tricks. 

We also had a random trip to Atlanta to see some friends and the sweetest new additions! It was LONG overdue. I hadn't seen two babies and HM hadn't meet many of them either! Too bad it is a 4 hour drive, or we would do this more often because I sure do miss them.

We went to a splash pad... but all they really wanted to do was dig in the dirt outside and find rolly pollys. 

Or play with the wash off station. :)

There was a lot of driving and this girl loved looking cool in big bro's seat while Burke road with Gracelyn to Chickfila.

Looking so big!

Not everyone, but some of the cuties!

We have been to birthday parties...

Peterasaurus was the birthday boy, and boy is he cute! (As was his party!) Adorable shirts for everyone, dino hunts, fossil digs.... I mean.

Later last night, we checked our backyard "garden". We sure are having fun watching things grow... ESPECIALLY this one sunflower. It's now taller than Burke!

The day we planted, Burke handed me an empty seed envelope... lol I had NO idea where he dropped the seeds... so we found three on the ground and planted them.... well....

One turned out to be a GREEN BEAN seed and see that huge group to the back left of the picture?...

We need to do some sunflower transporting. :_)

And lots of cuddles from both babies. I'm so thankful for days to "sleep in" and love on these sugar beans.

I mean... I'll take hand holding

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