Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Three things

One of my favorite blogs to follow is Momfessionals. She does posts once in a while to share three things that are currently happening with each member of her family. I thought this was a genius idea, seeing as how most of our daily life is random.... so... here are three things going on in our lives now. :)


His birthday was last Saturday! 
We had a great day working on our church nursery, lunch with Ree and PaPa and then being lazy that evening. His birthday wishes were granted.... I made him homemade banana pudding and everyone pitched in to buy him the toolbox of his dreams. :)

Ryan and Burke have the best emoji wars...

and Ryan's last response... #boys

These crack me up... except for the part where I go to use my most recent emoji (the laughing through tears one)...
 Ahhh.... reseting my recents takes forever! 

Ryan has mad photoshop skills.
(This reminds me of the Highlights magazine section where you have to find differences in the picture.... can you find them? :)



I'm so excited!

I can't wait to be a part of the SHS band staff and get to know the amazing girls that are on the auxiliary lines! This is a passion and I look forward to the fun times ahead!

So now to start working on choreography and getting everything in order for the 2016-2017 season! 

I take my next Praxis test on July 12th. Ugh.... and I haven't started studying! This summer has been packed, and has no hint of slowing down... so we shall see how this works out.
I have decided summer is just as busy, if not more, than the school year. While it's much more fun and entertaining... my day calendar barely has a space to write in it until August. #seriously

I started workout classes with my friend Mandy upon returning from the beach, and it's just awesome.
They are providing childcare (WHICH IS HUGE) and all us mommas gets some workout time with friends while the kids have a ball on the gym mats. You can't beat it!


Burke picked the first crop of green beans from our garden Saturday!

He also picked out his wardrobe on this day we choose to practice riding bikes.
From head to toe:
Baseball helmet instead of bike helmet
Airbrushed shirt (that I have to bribe him to take off his body!)
Too small pajama bottoms instead of normal shorts
Fox socks

Kid's got style I tell ya.

Burke is taking swim lessons with his buddy Jack and they are KILLING it. 
So proud of him and his no fear attitude! More pictures and video to come, because they are so stinkin' in cute!

Hylan Marie

Homegirl is looking more grown lately... and acting like it too! She loves to sit on the potty and try to go "poo-pah" (her sophisticated way of saying poo poo. ha!), learning more baton tricks (videos soon... the girl has got talent I tell you.), and talks NON STOP. Granted most of it is babble, but you can sometimes catch a few words!

The picture above was taken on our way to the gym one morning. She loved carrying her backpack Aunt Magan and Uncle Jon got her. :) #pleasestoplookingsobig

HM loves swings... and the new one at the park near us made her day because Burke got to swing with her.

We still can't get enough of pig tails around here. :)


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