Thursday, June 9, 2016

Beach family vacation 2016

 Saturday morning we were going to head to The Gulf....
Well, Hylan Marie woke us up at 3am... and we decided to get a head start while the kids were sleepy. It was a great decision, because we arrived (without stopping once!) at the Pancake House in our pi's and before the crowds could even make it in... 

bright eyed at 7:30am!


We took our time, because 1) we were WAY ahead of my parents who had not even left Cullman yet and 2) the weather was not looking good. So Ryan wanted to show me a project his office is working on, which was at the state park, so we headed to The Pier... where we would have another monumentous idea... play on the beach underneath!

Seriously.... #wearegeniuses PLUS, I ran into Julie, one of my favorite people, and her family! We would later make plans to meet up for dinner! So fun!

It rained, and then was sunny, rained and then sun... so we just made the most of it by using the pier when needed and enjoying the sun when we wanted!

Burke Volcano!

The only downfall was not having a place to rinse off or return to when you are beached out... hahaha

but as you can see, sister managed. :)

Our condo check-in was 3pm and boy were we ready!

We stayed at Bel Sole'. It was our first time, and I was so impressed! We will be back!
Three very beautiful,clean and spacious rooms with their own bathroom, kitchen, living space, laundry... and a beautiful view of the bay and a short boardwalk to the beach.

 It was perfect!

The next day we did a lot of beach playing with family, because Ryan had to leave that night. I know... so sad, but work deadlines don't meet themselves. 

Then dinner with friends! One of my favorite gal pals from Auburn and her adorable family introduced us to Shipps... OH.MY.WORD. it was so good.

It was so fun running into them and being able to hang out with their family.

The good food made this girl happy too. :)

This is where we would then attempt to get Ryan to my parents vehicle for him to drive home... I say attempt, because we followed the wrong truck (that looked like my brother's) about 15 minutes out of the way, through a toll bridge, through a red light... yeah... it was quite funny. I'm sure he was just trying to procrastinate leaving. :)

The next day, the girls went shopping while Burke played with Dad and Jon back at the condo.

 Sister hung in with the girls and did fabulous. #marathonshopperintraining :)

We headed to LuLu's for dinner and some fun afterwards!

He was totally into the idea that he was on "Vivor" and in a "competion" (We watch Survivor as a family in case you didn't know. :)

We opted to avoid the long wait and ate outside where the kids could play and we could eat sooner. #bestideaoftheday

ANNND this happened....

 I promise she was laughing. :)

And below is the number one reason why I take a million pictures. In hopes that I get one where both kids might be looking, not be giving me a goofy face, or crying....


(I really didn't know he could go that far into the splits, ha!)

nope... eyes closed...

still not looking...

and now the other one decides to take the torch...

Maybe next time. #doubtit

This is also where sister entertained us by hula hooping...

 and taste testing our lemons. :)

Next, The Track!

Uncle Jon and B

Dad took 1st place, and earned a victory lap. ;)

Then Burke and I took the wheel.

We then called it a night... kind of...

The only downfall of the condo was that I wasn't prepared to have to bring my own crib or play yard... so I made her a pallet on the floor... which allows her to get up whenever she wants if I lay her down... which doesn't quite work with our night time routine. :/ So sister fell asleep like this almost every night and then I would move her into the room (where she did not sleep well... which means I did not sleep well... but hey, we were at the beach and all was good.)

She thought it was cool. #wishmommadid

 (and just because all sleeping positions are not created equal...)

The next day was beach and pool time to the max.

They built an awesome castle!

and we enjoyed the morning beach side.

And later that evening we went to The Gulf Restaurant. Courtney Britt, one of Ryan's close friends from Auburn, designed this, among many other coast specific architecture. It is beyond beautiful and so well thought out!

My mahi mahi bowl was superb!

And the space was something out of a dream.

Burke also informed us that a space ship landed here a long long time ago... :)

I love how he pretend plays all the time.

We then hit up the best souvenir shop and Scoops Ice Cream to top off the night!
Sister, of course, picked out a doll... and one with a head full of hair at that.
Her name is Aurora, and by golly the girl can pronounce it!

Unfortunately, we HAD to leave the next morning... but not without a short walk on the beach, 

and showing off their airbrushed shirts that Nanna and PawPaw bought the night before. :) #coolcats

Burke loved his so much that he had to sleep in his. :) (And I had to pry it off of him to wash it the next night. haha

It was a great trip with family, that I'm so thankful for!
We had an amazing time!

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