Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Because every good long weekend starts on Friday....

We had some fun at a friends house before heading to the lake. Love those sweet girls!

Baked a pound cake and had just enough leftover batter to make a personal bunt cake for this guy. :)

Had another crazy messy dinner.... does anyone else's table look like this after a meal? I mean.... I didn't even get to eat mine. :) No? If not... then please don't judge.

Sister insisted she make her way to the bathtub in style, and daddy got the hilarious idea to add the dishtowel. I die every time I look at this picture. hahaha

We arrived at the lake late that night and woke up bright and bushy tailed to get decked out in our Memorial Day Weekend attire.

We paused to remember those who fought and died defending what they believed in so we can enjoy our freedoms.

We decided to go to Art on the Lake, and while we were waiting on everyone to get ready, we played with face swap.:)

How can something be so creepy, yet hilarious, all at the same time. :)

These two buddies showing they are swim ready. ha!

LOTS of playtime was had with sweet cousins!

Sunday, we went to the service Billy speaks at every year on the lake... and it was a beautiful and special as ever.

Love our family of four!

Then came back, ATE (always!), 

and headed out to enjoy the beautiful weather.... 

Despite the water being muddy because of the work that had been going on with the lake house landscaping, we enjoyed the water!

and these boys were all so brave!

The boat was a huge hit on and off the water. :)

As well as the sand pit! But what wins this weekend???  These PIGGIES!
(Brace yourself for 837,393 pictures... because all angles must be had!)

and more....

and just in case we didn't get the right angle....

So cute! 
It's so our new summer hair style. :0)

Later little miss got in on the all boy pile. :)

and a few more of HM looking so cute. Dressing a girl is a dream... #itsmyfavoritehobby, haha

Hylan Marie really surprised me with how much she enjoyed the water... and the sand! She is going to be a blast at the beach in a few days!

Lots of golf cart rides too!

And then the trip home... :)
I have no idea how he got ahold of a sucker... but it was maybe two licks in and....


What a wonderful weekend with family!

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