Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lack of blogging just means we are having lots of fun!

Summer is in full throttle around here! 

So much fun that I am not taking near enough pictures, videos, or putting those memories down here... but here are some highlights!

Last weekend was so wonderful! Saturday we had a lazy morning
(I just love how she plays with her hair when she is sleepy), 

followed by a visit to the farm, and then an impromptu trip to pick strawberries at Holmestead Farm, which is super close to where we were. 

The weather and strawberries couldn't have been any sweeter!

 (and some cheese crackers :)

This girl inhaled some berries. :)

LOVE this red stained face!

THEN I got my girls day on with some of my high school gal pals.
We meet up at least twice a year to catch up (which mostly happens over lots and lots of good food.)

(Our seriously goofy cool kids look... aka... one of us has pink eye (ahem... the school nurse) and we stick together in situations such as these. :))

Sunday, we had our families come and join us for worship, where this little boy sang "Jesus Loves Me."

I tell you, it was precious beyond words! I was so proud of him for getting in front of all our family and church to bless us with the truth that only a child can remind you of. The live stream that's on our church website has such a good picture and sound..... if you want to hear for yourself, here's the link (he starts around the 17 minute mark... but you will want to listen to the praise band lead the worship songs before him too!):

Favorite moments include the little peaks he would give the audience while he was singing, the falsetto notes he threw in (hahaha), and the very end where he was pleasantly surprised by the applause of the crowd. FORVER IN MY MIND!

And HM was contemplating children's minute... but didn't make it too far. :)

The rest of Sunday was spent with mom and dad where we went BACK to Holmestead Farm to get more strawberries! They were that good, it was that fun, and the kids enjoyed it that much :).

Wonderful weekend indeed!

In other random moments from this week....

We have a climber. :)

An artist (thank goodness that was a dry erase marker!) It was in her ears and on her neck and everything! ha!

Some swell farmers. #growbeanstalkgrow

a professional puzzle assembler,

and some good penmanship coming along!

And a good giggle was had when I came across this on Instagram this week... hahaha


Have a great memorial day weekend! I know we are so lucky to live in this country. Thank you to all the men and women who have and continue to serve our nation! You sacrifice so much and we wouldn't be this great nation without you.

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