Sunday, July 17, 2016

This is 18 months

As in everything with baby number two... I'm late posting about your 18 month milestones and stats. 
What can I say? You keep me busy!

You can read all the normal monthly stats here, but this post is not about how much you weigh or how tall you are... which is very petite in both areas. :)


It's about the little things ...

- You have a DEEP, back of the throat laugh, that cracks me up... it's how we know if you are REALLY tickled.
-You love to torture your brother. Your favorite thing to do is to find an object that can be used as a weapon (i.e. baton, sword,...) and run after him trying to hit him. (And he runs in complete terror by the way.) We are working on your sisterly love.
-You dance... oh you dance! You love to turn on the music on my phone and go to town. :)
- You talk... a lot. Mommma (on repeat), da da, Buh (Burke), NaNa, Nanna (you make the distinction!), PaPa, PawPaw, dog, "What's dis?" A LOT! You are very curious..., Ssss (for sit.. as you pat the ground), hi, bye, yes sir (you mainly just get the syllables right), night-night, Bubb-Bubb (bubble and for Bubble Guppies the show), Owe (out), "bing!" (for jumping), Hot, you make a certain noise with your tongue when you want a popsicle, ball, night night, doll doll, wawa (water), nana (banana), and you say one or two phrases over and over that I look forward to understanding because you say them like I should know EXACTLY what you mean. :) 
- You understand most, if not all, commands or things we say to you... you may not do it... but that's another story.
-Like most children, you are infatuated with technology and think that you have to have our phone or iPad in your hands if you see it. You mainly just like opening every app and pushing the home key. You also have awesome conversations with Siri, that consist of "hi!" and "What's dis?" Which is hilarious to hear ... but I'm often thankful you feel comforted by Siri's company when we're on a long road trip. :)
- You love JUST the inside crackers, oreos, etc... you sometime whine for help if you have trouble twisting them apart. 
-You love to wrestle with your brother, when he lets you. Both of you have to be in just the right mood for it not to end badly. lol
-You are an amazing eater, but since the 15 month mark have had some skin reactions to certain foods (tomatoes/pizza sauce is what I believe to be the main culprit, but we are eliminating berries and any acid foods that we can think of too). It comes and goes, but will not completely go away unless we use a steroid cream on your face... which I don't like doing, and were told to only do once a month at the most.
- Another issue we are facing currently is a thyroid problem. We go August 1st to Children's to find out what our next steps are in this area. 
- You have two more bottom teeth (your canines :) pushing through. This also has not been super fun.
-You love to take turns with Burke running into my or Daddy's arms from across the house.... some of the best giggles come out at this time.
-You can do two baton tricks... on your watch of course. It's quite impressive and adorable.
-You love water... and now say "wawa" for when you want to go swimming as well... and you get mad when I just try to give you a drink to suffice. :)
-You are fearless. You love to jump from anything... but you also make sure we are looking to see your stunt, so that at least helps me get to you on time.

Above all... you are FULL of personality, a wild one, and into everything you shouldn't be in at 18 months. You keep me on my toes and 19 lbs on my hip most days. :) You are a mommas girl still, and I will take it... because I know momma will not be cool forever and you will not want to be with me every minute, of every day, for long. I love you with all my heart, and pray for you daily. God will use you... this fearless, headstrong, beautiful little girl for far more than can be imagined. I just know it. 

Happy 18months Hylan Marie!

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