Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Parental Escape

Almost two weeks ago Ryan and I went to Hilton Head, with a quick stop in Savannah, GA. 
ALONE y'all.
It was our first trip away from the kids... ever! That's right. We've had date nights, and Burke had spent a weekend with grandparents here or there, but the last trip we took alone was our 3rd anniversary trip to Jamaica when I was 12 weeks pregnant! (Yeah... first baby for sure... I'm 99% positive I was sporting a tent dress by this time with Hylan Marie. haha)

I was definitely nervous about leaving her, but I knew she would be in great hands with my parents and Ryan's! Plus, my excitement overshadowed my concern... I couldn't wait to go on an adventure with Ryan. That was our thing before kids, and something I have missed so badly!

So after my first Matilda Jane trunk show (more on that fun later!), we headed to the Atlantic!

We ate junk food, bought weird gas station drinks and turned our 90's jams way up.

I realized upon reaching our hotel that night that my purse did not reflect a "child-free vacation"... lol and cleaned it out immediately!

We woke up Sunday morning, dressed for church, and went exploring until service started.

Savannah was gorgeous and the weather was great because it was a bit overcast... perfect for walking the city.

The trees in this town MAKE IT.


So thankful for modern medicine. Graveyards like this facinate me.

We found the first Methodist Church in Savannah and decided to attend service there! It was neat to think of the history of the building we sat in that morning.

We had lunch at a spot my dear friend, Laura, recommended- Vics on the River.

I made 2:00 reservations because we had no schedule or kids to make sure ate at a particular time! It seemed rebellious! haha!

And the only time it rained on our trip was while we were eating. Killer timing! 

We then walked the city some more and found a groupon for a home tour for 8$! It was so neat to see the home on the interior. If I go back I would love to do more of these!

And do you SEE that little door behind the stairwell??? #creepy
I mean, it just makes me want to explore every nook and cranny in this house! The only floor we didn't get to go to was the attic. I was a bit bummed about that and told Ryan I want to go on a ghost tour. haha 

More exploring...

Around 5 o'clock we headed to Hilton Head. (It was so nice just to travel how we wanted! ...Love you kids... really ;))

We arrived in time to check out the beach!

This would be the only time Ryan's feet touched the sand. haha! He's not a fan, but fully supports my love of it. #he'sakeeper

Then it was off to bed.

Funny story about this painting...
If you don't know, Ryan often talks or does weird things in his sleep.
Well, he sat straight up around 11pm (I hadn't fell asleep yet.) and stared at this.. reached out and touched it... and kept saying "Jessica? What are you doing? Why are you flying?" hahahaha

The next morning we took our time, slept in, ate a yummy breakfast at our hotel (which was so nice, and super clean and quiet!) and rented bikes!

It was our favorite part of our trip! Best 20$ ever spent!

 I've seen people ride on the beach, but I've never done it because we have always vacationed on the Gulf... but this sand is packed and MADE for bike rides. It's pretty awesome and a great leg work out!

The nice man we rented from shared a stellar route with us that hit all the major sights on the island and then some! 

We saw a lot of dead sea creatures, 

Sat in a 300 year old tree (that I couldn't even get in my camera... and I was really far away! See Ryan on the bench?!

Saw playgrounds that made us miss our kids and think of how much fun they would have playing on this amazing playground. :)

Saw a lighthouse.

Saw an alligator. (Can you spot him???)

and lots of other wildlife.

Most of the bike trails looked like this. Seriously beautiful. 
We rode for about 4 hours that morning. 

When we came back, I headed to the beach for some R&R and Ryan opted for a nap in the room. :)

We ate an early dinner (once again... because we could. Boom!) at The Salty Dog Cafe! It was so cute and I love the little story behind the restaurant!

I also got the best feeling shirt of my life. I will be back to get more!

Later that evening we went for ice-cream and a little exploring of the island... and felt like this afterwards. haha

We went to bed early so we could rise before the sun and set off on a sunset bike ride. That's right... waking up (willingly) when we didn't have to. Bike riding on the beach was that fun.
Unfortunately the sun was behind the clouds for the most part, but eventually showed itself.

A little video...

and of Ryan, trying to show off. :)

It's amazing how far out you can ride! It literally looks like you are in the ocean peddling away!
The beach is huge when the tide moves out. We both said we want to bring the kids back one day. They would have a ball being able to have that much freedom! 

Favorite video of the trip...

We officially said goodbye and turned in our bikes, and headed back to relax by the pool for just a tad longer.

Bible study pool side.

We were missing our kiddos for sure!

However, it didn't stop us from reliving old times through Pandora and me making Ryan "name that artist" (He's scary good.).

On the way home, we made sure to stop in Greenville, GA, because Ryan loved their town square. We found a small pizza joint, named Jonah's, and it was AMAZING.

It was a much needed break for just the two of us! Trips like this make you realize and appreciate your love before kids,,,and boy did I get lucky.

I've married the man of my dreams, a follower of God, the man who makes it possible for me to have my own dream job for the time being- a stay at home mom to two amazing kids, and makes me laugh when I get too serious. 

I'm already planning our trip for next year. :)

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