Thursday, May 19, 2016

Summer starts in 3, 2, 1....

These were pictures from last week... and despite the dip in temps we had, we pretended like it was 90+ outside. ;)

We went to "hit" last Saturday morning...

and very well looked the part... (like... Sooooo adorable! :)

but this is really all we did...

(I know... that tennis dress and bloomers is TOO MUCH! Thank you Shanda!)

We decided to add a little garden out back.

Found a lizard... and he was named Sparkles by Burke... but later changed to Leonard.
Sister was giddy with him.

Unfortunate things happened on Monday... like blood being drawn, but resulted on HM's first ever dumdum, so she was content shortly after.

Baseball has continued.... and continued, and continued... lol

I think we are all ready to have our TuThur nights back, but it has be so much fun watching this little team!

Burke's cheering squad!

We had an impromptu McWane day yesterday, and to our surprise the new exhibit was up on the third floor. Superheros! So cool.

Hylan Marie loved the water station the most.

And when I turned around to look for Burke, I found him coaxing another one of his kind into using the pulley system for a free ride up and down the assembly line. haha 

We love McWane... it was a perfect rainy day spent having fun.

Then we had our churches summer blowout that evening. 
The kids had a ball!

Sister finds girls to hang with wherever she goes. :)

Sweet summer time here we come!

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