Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend Recap

First off, I had the GREAT post dedicated to our moms ... and then it didn't save and has vanished into cyber air. :(

Sorry mom and Shireen and all the other super special mom figures in our lives... we love you and are so thankful for all you do that goes unnoticed... because let's face it, it's a lot. We love you and wouldn't have made it to where we are today if it wasn't for you!

I just had to screen shot this last week, because it's the
#truth. hahahaha

In addition, I can't decide if my child has hand, foot, mouth or is just cutting a massive amount of teeth that is causing a rash and irritability??? If you think yourself a physician (without me having to pay a copay to just hear "it will just have to run its course") give me a ring, would you?

Let's rewind to last week...To start of the Mother's Day weekend, one of the most thoughtful gifts was received in the mail.

A former coworker, who is now retired, sent me a beautiful figurine and the kindest notes that sent me into a blubbery mess! No words can describe how special this was. She really blessed me that day, and I hope to pay it forward to another mom one day when I see a bit of myself in her.... 

Saturday morning this kid and I went to support our friends at their dance recital. (We made it to 10 minutes after the intermission. :) He loved it and upon returning home insisted me turn on Gene Kelly 's Singin' in the Rain video so he could tap (because we love musicals around here). hahaha #Dadwasabitupset

We then had lunch at the farm with this crew!

And Mother's Day gifts were wrapped and ready.

Sunday, my sweet boys surprised me with cards and a gift certificate. Can't go wrong there! Thank you sweet hubby!
Burke was hilarious... on Friday, as I was unpacking his backpack I noticed that his folder was full of cuteness. So I grabbed it and headed to the playroom so he could go through it with me, and as soon as he made eyes with his folder, he came unglued. I mean, crying and yelling "Close your eyes! Did you look at it? You weren't supposed to see it, MOM!" 
I argued that I hadn't gone through it just yet (although I did take a peek at the top page... he doesn't know that though). He immediately grabbed it from my hands and told me he was going to hide it.
Two minutes later he came out of OUR bedroom and proclaimed that he hid it under the bed. hahaha... I was dying. So I refrained from looking through the rest (because I do love a sweet surprise) and let him reveal it Sunday morning. 
It didn't disappoint.

I mean... the top two had me rolling.

And these sweet things...

Oh... and the one he told me I had to color myself. haha...

Does he not have the most thoughtful teacher?!
Burke loves Mrs. Autumn to pieces and we love her. I loved getting these treasures and I think he loved making them. Burke told Ryan he thinks everyday should be Mother's Day.... That's right... at least until he's 50, he's mine. ;) He is also starting to want to get me a present every time I turn around... even going so far as to try to walk it out the door of a store with one! We have had lots of talks, so hopefully we've fixed this minor problem. 

We then headed to church at 9:45 for Muffins for Mom... in which we did not eat because we were running too late. :)
(Best photo taken... ick. #brastrapdisaster)

The church service was filled with amazing music, and sweet momma gifts. FUMC made it so very special, and to top it off I got to hear these sweet voices. One of which is one who made me a momma.

video of singing

And the majority of church was actually spent outside eating the muffins we missed out on earlier. haha

I love being this girl's momma! Which by the way she is FINALLY saying! hahaha... I am pretty sure she thought my name was "Eehhhh!" Because I would respond to it. :) She has a pretty good vocabulary (much like her brother did early on... so for her not to say "momma" blew my mind! No worries... home girl has got. it. now. 

Then we high tailed it to the lake, where we ate A LOT, relaxed and did a little fishing.

And look at Hudson! What a cutie... and 
he is not scared of anything!

It was a beautiful day spent with family!
However, my mom was missing! 

Good news- She was headed down the next day to see Burke and his classmates Spring Show on Monday.
Bad news- Burke woke up Monday complaining of his stomach hurting and didn't want to go to school. Really?! #pleasenottoday

What does a good momma do?
Bribe him.
I promised him if he would go that I would take him to get this "Blaze toy" he had been eyeing for weeks on end at Wally World.

It worked like a charm... except he did not do one motion to any song.... granted he did sing, so that's good I suppose. Definite tell tell sign that he was not feeling good. 

The songs and the children were so very cute! I can tell they put a lot of time and effort into it.

So glad Jon and Magan got to come too!

I am so proud of this boy and love him so much.
He was being goofy and trying to kiss the both of us instead of smiling for the camera. :) Love this picture.

We then spent the day with Nanna, Jon and Magan by going to the park, Bluebell, hanging around at home, and then going to Burke's ball game! (We may or may not have put Jon on baby duty for 2 hours while we browsed downtown. :)

What a wonderful weekend!

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