Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Favorites

Although Friday is coming to an end, I thought I would post my FAVORITES this week!

To kick off my FAVORITES... Honeysuckles.

If there is one thing about my springs and summers as a child that bring back memories, its the smell and taste of honeysuckles. My brother or best friends and I would go behind "the little house" (as we called it... it was/is kind of like a craft space my grandfather built for my grandma) and eat on these forever. 

 I showed this to Burke last year, but he didn't really get it... but now, every time he sees them he begs to "eat honey."

Next up... another favorite would be the fact that we now can eat popsicles on the porch, with little clothes on because of the wonderfully warm weather. haha (kids of course. :)

She watched Burke for the longest and tried to do just what he did. 

Finally, it melted enough where she didn't have to work to eat it as much.... she dug it.

This was also a FAVORITE moment last weekend... lake time with family and cousins we haven't seen in way too long. :)

This girls FAVORITE things are her "doll dolls".
 She doesn't just want one or two... no... she wants all that she can possibly hold. And if she sees another, and it can't possibly fit in her arms, then she will make you hold it.

Happy girl now that everyone is riding with her.
(Side note... this is not her carseat, we were running a friend dinner and had little Jack with us! She loved that she got to sit in big brothers car seat, but didn't quite fill it out just yet. 

This week has been my FAVORITE because we have been outside more than ever... and loving it.

Bubbles are her favorite.

Twirling/hitting Burke with a baton is also her FAVORITE.

In an effort to apologize... hehe.
That was not his favorite.

Last Tuesday everyone came out to support Burke at his t-ball game.
And this happened...

Really??? How cute is this?! 

Burke at bat... not his best, but who cares! lol
He's four!
I got a kick out of Hylan Marie :)

Burke and one of his FAVORITE buddies, Jack, played against one another that night. It was complete with them recognizing one another while on the field, Burke and Jack giving each other a fist bump at second base, and then this after the game.

I see this in a future senior slideshow. #adorable

And to change subjects entirely....
look at what is on SugarBeanScout's Etsy page. Eeeek!

Crochet trimmed detail is my FAVORITE!

My friend and neighbor, Joy, does this by hand! Y'all it's even more precious in person, and PERFECT for those times when she needs an undershirt for those cute MJ knot tops!
Order here or get in touch with me in the comments section! It comes with a bow from SugarBeanScout!

Speaking of bows....
LOTS have been made recently, and these all coordinate with the newest Matilda Jane collection!
They are my FAVORITE colors... especially that turquoise! All these were made for an upcoming trunk show at my house... tomorrow! Eeek! It's my first time being a Jane, and I'm so excited to have the collection in my living room for everyone to try on and play dress up in! Not to mention these bows, plus much more, will be available to try out and place an order. Even the onesie above will be available to take a closer look at! It's going to be a fun party with good snacks and even better company ... and adorable clothes, of course!
Show closes on Sunday, so if you see something you like let me know and I'll tell you how to order!

And last, but not least, this morning was a FAVORITE.
I somehow woke up refreshed at 4:45am, had the house to myself for about an hour and a half (yes, Ryan has eaten breakfast and is headed out the door by 5... #hardworkinghusband) and everyone else slept in. This rarely happens and when it does.... 

I drink hot tea, blog, bible study, do dishes, prep meals, laundry...
and literally... got to smell the roses. 

I'm SO excited. Look at all those blooms! Two opened up by this evening and are now sitting in a vase on my kitchen window. I think I will totally get into gardening when the time comes!
We then took our time getting to school because... #ipaytobelate, #itstheend, #noonecares and sister and I ran errands, cleaned house, and a billion other things before picking Burke up at 12. Time management at it's finest. Boom!

And I can't leave off a really important FAVORITE this week!

Friendly neighbors! And we have a lot of awesome ones! 
I mean,  bible study with the best girl group you can ask for on Tuesday, the BEST pound cake I've EVER eaten (hence no picture) was given to me Wednesday, rides with friends in tow to visit the newest addition to our friend/baby group, and then others come to the rescue when you are in dire need of a pedicure before an exciting vacation! (more on that soon!)

Except, when I went to jump in the shower tonight, I saw my paint was gone on three of my toes! :/ I just got it done yesterday evening! Not even 24 hours ago. boo! I'm thinking I may need to swing by for a touch up.

That's all I have time for tonight! Thank you God for a wonderful week FULL of Your goodness.

Happy Friday! Linking up with Andrea, Erica, and Narci.
Have a GREAT weekend!

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