Thursday, April 28, 2016

15 months!

Burke and Hylan Marie both at 15 months

Well... I see a little resemblance... I think?

 I'm just now getting around to doing this post because her well visit was so late... and because #secondchildproblems

She had three shots (which sent her into a week long bout of cranky), in addition to the doctor suggesting I have my kids tested for growth problems or delays because they are so small (Burke in the 15% and HM not even close to the chart). So many of you prayed for them and I am so appreciative! Burke's x-ray came back fine and I have yet to take Hylan Marie to get her bloodwork done to test thyroid problems, because I wanted to make sure she was well (and who am I kidding... I'm going to put this off even farther since tomorrow is FriYay!)

Here is her 15 month update!

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