Monday, April 25, 2016

Burke's "special day"

It had been on my heart to give Burke some one-on-one time for awhile.

Yes, I stay at home and we get LOTS of time together, but I wanted to focus on him, and only him for  a day. No housework, no grocery store runs... just time to enjoy his four year old self where he wouldn't have to share my attention with anyone (ahem... sister) for a short while.

I hadn't told Burke about our special day until he woke up the next morning. 
I told him I had left out three clues about what we were going to do, and that he might be able to figure it out before we got there. (he didn't :)

After the build up of the day and breakfast, we left to drop off Hylan Marie at Nana and PapPap's. They had a great time and so did she!

We arrived at the BJCC's Children's Theatre and he insisted he bring his beans... which ended up paying off (as you will see!)
Right before we went in!

I had never been to the children's theatre... and I was very impressed! The stage was so close and was on the same level as the floor. We sat two rows up, and had a great view. There were small classes on the sides and one larger grade level of kindergarteners as well. We weren't crowded and got to stretch out! It was fabulous!

Because he knew the story, he was anxious about the giant's appearance. He was a little scary, and Burke hid behind me a lot of the time, peaking around and over my shoulder. :)

By the end, he was singing and dancing and LOVING the show and asked to go watch it "again and again" as we were leaving. :)

Pictures with the cast! Everyone was so great!

Burke even made their Facebook page because he brought his beans to show Jack!

We then went to have lunch with daddy. For some reason he had his mind set that we were going to McWane and eating lunch with daddy (I guess because that's what we normally do when we have lunch with him), and had a bit of a meltdown.... but nothing a picnic and park can't fix with his best buddy.

(Sorry, Ryan for the pic... its the best I got! lol)

And upon our arrival home... this was the first thing that he wanted to do. :)
(Don't worry, I planted some that will actually grow this morning... so his dreams of a beanstalk in his backyard will come true.) 

What a great day with the one who first made me a mom. 
Love this boy so.

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