Thursday, April 21, 2016

Just a wrap up...

Because the weekend was days ago and the week is almost over!

Saw this posted on Instagram... and I can SO relate (except the last one... I definitely know where the peanut butter is.)

Speaking of crafting...

I forgot to take a "before" picture before I started this, but you pretty much get the point.
It was the detachable mirror to my old bedroom set, and I thought it would be perfect painted and put in Hylan Marie's side of the room. Every little girl needs a mirror to play dress up in!
I'll show you the finished product asap!

A lot of baseball has been watched... 

(CUTE dress from my Aunt Sharon!)

and played.
I mean... look at that ready position!

The sun came out Saturday, and we welcomed it with open arms!

Sister loves dogs (especially ones that wear bows.)

Burke having his snow cone... 

or as he calls them, his "snow ice cream" :O)

And brace your self for the cutest picture ever of Burke and his buddy Conner. They are in the same room at school and such good buddies.

Meanwhile, on the home front...

When your lips are chapped... you go to extreme measures to cool them off. (Cold grapes do wonders... so Burke says.)

Our patio set from Target came in... like shipped right to our front door! #gottalovethatredcard
 And know that if you have a red card it ships free AND you get a discount!

We love it and ADORE the turquoise chairs!

The best part though is the fact that we finally have somewhere to sit and enjoy a meal from grill to table! #hurrayforeasysummerdinners

The front of the house also got a facelift!

My awesome husband is so creative, handy, and talented.

I PROMISE to show you the finished result once the front is all cleaned up! Like before's and after's and everything.
It's still a work in progress, but takes the house to a totally different look.

Sunday morning was beautiful... so beautiful this one didn't want to stay in service. #sheisawildone

And we started the week with (being sick... but that's beside the point) cooler temps, but pretty weather, so we had to get out and enjoy it. We played a little ABC scavenger hunt while Hylan Marie napped (because sleep was rare early on this week!).

(Holding his I... insect) :) #boys

Until HM decided she would take the H... for good reason, right?! #smartgirl

ok... momma is sleepy, so to be continued!
Night night!

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