Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Soccer and a case of the Ear-stomachs

We started soccer a couple of weeks ago. 

That's right... 3 year old soccer.
It's as funny as it sounds.

What's even more funny? When you ask your child to kick the ball, and it goes a little like this...

Can you tell we have never played before?

Surely not.

You'll be happy to know we worked out the kinks and he is now ready for the World Cup because he  has learned it's best to face forwards when trying to kick. 

And guess who was promoted to coach?! hahaha... (WE DON'T KNOW THE FIRST THING ABOUT SOCCER! Thank goodness it's more about herding cats at this stage. :)

I'm not sure how it all went down, because I stayed home with Hylan (and her pink eye) last week, but secretly I think Ryan is loving it. :) 
What a great dad he is!

Here's a shot of practice a week ago...
See that boy in the green shorts? That's our five star.
The boy scores a goal every time the ball is set on the field! Seriously!

Yesterday, they had their first "game." And I can't believe I forgot my good camera! Then I thought... hey, I'll have Tuesday! I can make up for my mom fail.... Mmmm... forgot it again. So excuse the quality on this momentous occasion. 

You want me to do what dad?

Looking so cute in his game day attire. Their team shirts aren't in, so our team was all black.
The eye black stickers that B got from a friend on his past birthday sure completed his game day look. haha. Except he spend half the game taking them on and reapplying them to all areas of his body. 

Hylan enjoys the outside time!

And tonight little miss was happy cheering on her brother. Double ear infection can't keep this one down! That's right. :( 

Two weeks ago Burke started complaining of an ear-stomach. We had no idea what this meant and then Shireen said I think he means ear ache.... we say we have a stomach-ache when our stomach hurts... he was just replacing the wrong word. :)

Anyway, some numbing drops and Motrin did the trick for him that weekend, but he was still left with sinus/allergy stuff and a cough that started keeping him up at night. Our awesome pediatrician called us in something that has made his situation much better, and I think he's on the mend! But what of course happened?... he shared the love.

So after Hylan's pink-eye episode last week, she started with a fever on Wednesday. It finally broke on Friday, but then she started with the draining and OH MY GOODNESS she doesn't sleep when this happens. Bless her.

Then I was having to give her Motrin and Tylenol again because she was having a low grade fever in addition to the sinus stuff, or would be super irritable (which I was blaming on teething.) Well, it only got worse after the weekend, (where she killed some of Ree's chocolate pound cake)

and I decided to bring her in today. Sure enough both ears were full of fluid. Poor thing!

I feel like we have stayed sick the month of September!

But not sick enough to keep us from doing some shoe shopping...
(I love this new MJ outfit so!)

Carousel bribery was included... 

We've also been celebrating our amazing grandparents at school...

and enjoying the beautiful weather!

despite all the ear-stomachs, pink eye, and sinus infections! 
Hoping we are all healthy by the weekend!

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