Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hylan's first taste of Auburn

A friend sent this to me after running into us at Auburn's first home game of the season.

That would be this girl...
(On her first transit ride to the stadium.)

or any of the Coleman crew for that matter. 
(Here is Burke at one month old at A-Day in 2012. :)

Raising them right!
We often take for granted going to EVERY home game (All our kids have been since birth, to SEC championship games, and Burke even went to the national championship game in Cali two years ago!), but we are SO thankful for Ree and PaPa making this family time possible! We will one day do the same for our munchkins and their families... it really is the best!

I tried to get a good picture of my two before we left Saturday morning, but was not very successful. 

Once we arrived, we caught the bus to the stadium around 9am.
This may or may not be the kids favorite part. :)
They love to count the "Aubie's" (or the blow up Aubie's I should say) as we round campus.

The weather was PERFECT. 
Overcast and slightly cool.

First moments on The Plains!

 Sporting her big orange bow (or two :)- as every little girl should. 
Her lottie was perfect for the warm weather! She was cool, comfortable, and oh so precious!

On our way in, we lucked up and ran into girls after my own heart!
 Makenzie (holding HM), is from our hometown!
If indeed Hylan does take to baton, she will treasure this picture of her first days with girls in sparkly orange and blue! 

My boys ready to get inside!

But first some pictures!

Our first look at the new jumbtron...
Do you see the small rectangle in the middle? THAT was how big the previous tron was! Yeah... 

Little Miss did AMAZING the whole day. 
(Granted- the weather helped a lot! The sun didn't come from behind the clouds until 4th quarter (and during overtime, sheesh) , and it was in the 70's.)

She took a short nap on the drive into Auburn. Then was awake, alert, and happy for the game! 

 After chewing on Cade's pizza crust, she decided a nap was in order. She literally fell asleep eating. 
Ha! We then put her soundproof headphones on and she slept for about an hour.

We were entertained by JSU's awesome band and then AU had their honor band performance. 
Two other Sylacauga majorettes were on the field for this game, and all three of our girls did amazing!

As we all know JSU ALMOST beat us. They should have beat us... thankfully we pulled through (in true Auburn fashion.) with a miracle. (Or actually played half way decent the last three minutes of the game.)

Either way... Hylan was enjoying herself, and I was enjoying taking pictures of the back of her lottie. 

Not sure why I waited until the end of the game (when you know you smell and your make-up has run off your face) to get our picture made... but oh well!

We won! (BARELY... #itsgonnabealongseason) At least I get to look forward to dressing the kids in more cute game day attire. haha

We then headed back to the lake house to watch more football and eat a delicious dinner.

Isn't Lake Martin beautiful???
Love this place.

We left Sunday morning to head home for church and we had good mix of relaxing, productivity, and unpacking for the day.

That night, Hylan woke up every two hours.

Did I turn on the light each time I picked her up? 


And guess how bad I felt when I saw her for the first time that next morning?

Yup. She had somehow gotten pink eye. :(
(And this picture was a good moment... at the doctor's office Monday morning.)
Monday, her right eye was swollen, grossness sealing it shut, and it was pouring water. 
I know it was so painful.

She was pretty clingy, but by the evening I could tell the eye drops were starting to make her eye feel better, because ...touchdown Auburn, y'all!

This was early afternoon today... MUCH better, right?!
It's still a little swollen and red, but no nasty stuff!

Good news is that she will be ready to yell touchdown Auburn (with arms included) for the game this Saturday against LSU.
 I have a feeling we will need all the support we can get!

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