Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Favorites!


Thinking back to this date still makes me feel an ache in the pit of my stomach. 
I will always remember and keep those that were victims, heroes, rescuers, relatives and friends of that terrifying day in my mind, and pray for them constantly. 

I'm linking up with Andrea, Erica, and Narci for the very first time to share my 
Friday Favorites! (In no particular order!)

1) I don't know what I was even roaming on social media when I saw this...


I used to do Brichbox, (and loved it!), but couldn't rationalize a monthly bill, even though small, on it.  Let's face it... I would rather buy a bow for my main girl.

BUT, when I saw this one time offer from Target, I had to snatch it up- for only 5$! (And no shipping because I have a Red Card.)

2) Another favorite this week is realizing that Hylan's tricks weren't accidents.
This girl can clap and wave hi and bye (which I think she said!) with the best of them.
So cute!

3) Another FAVORITE this week is watching Burke's creativity ...

I introduce to you...

Zuma the Robot.

I wrapped the boxes and wrote the name he came up with (which is from Paw Patrol)... but he came up with the rest. From giving him wheels to his head.
Mind you... he got mad when I couldn't get him to "work," but momma never claimed to be an engineer...

I also love his apparent love of photography! :)

He thinks it's HILARIOUS to take a picture of his, so called, "stinky feet." And the band-aide is from a major wound- I assure you.

I'm pretty sure he is trying to tell me something about our messy house status...

 Proof that he steals sister's stuffed animals to sleep with at night.
(She will pay you back one day, bro.)

4) Our FAVORITE night of the week is quickly becoming Wednesday's.

Burke goes to choir, has a snack supper, and then Bible Study... which coordinates with a new group (The Timothy Project) bible study young adults have started in our church.

It's beyond wonderful.

Burke LOVES going... always asking when he can go again, and Ryan and I get some time to fellowship with others in a study too. It's really taking off and I'm so excited to see how God uses us to make Jesus real to others!

5) And this weekend, our FAVORITE team has it's first home game! I'm so excited I could squeal!

Man, how game day has changed! 
It will be Hylan's first game day, so expect a photo overload next week!

Have a great weekend, and WAR EAGLE!

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