Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Labor Day Weekend- zombie edition

First off, I would love for you to keep some friends in your prayers right now... 
Brady- a child in our church is in Children's and needs your prayers for healing. He is very very sick. Please pray for the knowledge and guidance with the team of doctors that are working with him.

Brother James- our pastor is in the process of healing from a bleeding ulcer. Please pray that quick healing continues and fill him with a peace when he can't be present with his flock. 

I feel like so many others are going through things right now too... my prayer board that's in our hallway is full! 
Prayer is powerful and I'm so thankful!

So... Labor Day...
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend filled with little to no labor. ;)

We love going to the lake for long weekends like this, and it made it even more exciting that Auburn would kick off the 2015-16 season while we were there to hang out with the only people we watch Auburn football with (where everyone's crazy is accepted). :)
I was particularly looking forward to getting out of the house... you see, both kiddos caught a cold. Hylan DID NOT know what to do with herself. She was up ALL night on Wednesday... it was so bad that her and I went to Walmart at 12:30a.m. Yup. 
I thought I had infant advil, motrin, ibuprofen... but no, it was all children's dosages, and the Tylenol infant meds that I gave her weren't doing the job. Why did I bring her with me you ask? Well, she was screaming to the top of her lungs and I thought the car ride might help calm her. 

Thankfully, I was right... so we did a little shopping, gave her the meds, and she slept from 1:30-5:30. 
I call that a success. 

The rest of the week, her sleep was not very good, but not terrible (she waited till the weekend to drop that bomb.)

By Friday that the worst of the cold had passed us, (or so it seemed), but I did bring the medicine cabinet just in case of a flare up.

We arrived at the lake Friday, after a grocery trip in our AU attire.
It may or may not have taken 15 pictures to get a decent one of these clowns. 

Gah... love em' to bits!

Burke would then go on to a Friday night football game with Ree, Danielle, Cade, and Hudson where he was terrified of the noise and the thought of fireworks. I think there was an Auburn game where fireworks were shot and it scared the bgeezus out of him. Ever since then he freaks out when it gets loud. SO, I've got ear plugs for the game this coming Saturday (who am I kidding... I'm bringing a pair too in anticipation of this momajamba jumbotron that is going to rock our world!)... lets hope those plugs do their job!

Sister is ready!

Saturday, we tried to get a group shot... yes, Hudson was on the move. That boy is fast!

Decked out in her cute AU gear from Ree!

Our Tiger's won and we headed to bed... or at least tried....

The shot above was at 1:30am (and this snooze only last about 10minutes). She was not having it. Tummy pains were the cause- I'm just sure of it...The girl has some serious gas! But it could have also been the remnants of her cold, or teething... (It's always a guessing game with this one!)
She was up more that she was asleep that night, and I'm pretty sure I slept about 1-2 hours total.
It. was. awful.

Sunday, we drove back to Sylacauga to teach Children's Church and Sunday School. (Granted I was a zombie that morning, but I tried!)

Sunday night was a little bit better, but she still was waking up almost every hour. 
Labor Day, it was.

Monday, while Hylan napped, I took the boys, on what I thought was going to be a short hike to find "treasures"...  you know... leaves, sticks, rocks, flowers, etc.... To my surprise they wanted to keep walking, and we ended up walking a mile (up BIG hills might I add) to Nana and PapPap's lake house. I was impressed that Burke didn't make me carry him once!

(Stretching) :)

We also spotted a walking stick here! They thought it was the coolest thing.

Later, Ree fixed ice cream that tasted just like a Wendy's frosty.

The boys swam.

And a pontoon ride was had... with snacks of course.

And he was out almost mid chew.

He was transferred from the boat, to a bed at the house while we packed up to head home, and then to the car... all while never waking up. 
This boy is my sleeper.

Later that night, this is how my boys ended up. Sweetest right? :)
They slept on the couch all night like this.

I'll have you know Hylan started sleeping like a champ (with only two wake-up's: 11pm and 4:15am... and yes, I realize it's sad that I call this good sleeping) upon our return... so mama is going to put the sleep training into high gear. 
I am craving an 8 hour night's rest!

Hope your Labor Day was filled with lots more sleep than mine!

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