Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's Friday Favorites!

This happened yesterday...

That's right! Sister is on the move and loving it... Burke, not so much. ;)

His initial reaction to realizing ALL toys within reach of Hylan and will have a layer of drool on them? 

Tears. lol 

(I only wish I had my phone in hand to catch the meltdown. #meanmommy) However, now, he is basically treating her like a dog and playing fetch. :)

And since yesterday was apparently National Daughter's Day...

I can't tell you how much joy this little bit gives me. I'm so thankful God made me her momma. She completes our family perfectly and Big brother is smitten with her. (Minus the moments when she is chewing on Ryder from his Paw Patrol collection.) In fact, Wednesday, when he got in the car after school, he asked if he could have "two baby sisters." hahahaha... He went on to tell me someone in his class has two sisters and he wanted another. :) 

I'm afraid your dad would have to take a second job son :)

Have a great weekend!

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