Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Come on October!

As my husband said- "You've had quite the week... and it's only Tuesday."


Before we dive into ALL that... let's recap the weekend (before craziness ensued), shall we?

First off, we weren't even supposed to be here this weekend. After the Auburn game, we had plans to leave Sunday for the beach... but in looking at the forecast, we changed our minds. 100% chance rain for the three little days we were going to be there didn't sound like much fun.

Surpisingly when I talked to Burke about the change of plans (because yes, we had already started packing) he agreed that he would rather be at the beach when it was sunny too and we will go later in October.

Then he proceeded to break my heart by drawing suns on everything in sight...
His words- "Momma, I'm drawing suns so it will be sunny instead of rainy when we go to the beach."

Then I brought him to the Dollar Store after school on Friday to wash away his woes. ;)

We actually went to pick up balloons for our friends birthdays, but I let him pick out one prize. I thought he made a great choice for himself! He chose a Paw Patrol puzzle... and it wasn't an easy one! (It was labeled 5+) 
We put it together once and then put it up because sister is now on the move. Then he called me from the playroom (where I was with HM) and found this. :)

He was so proud he put together a brand new puzzle all by himself. :)

 That night we gathered with friends to celebrate our friend Heather.
I love these kids!

and these...

and these...

and so many more... and their parents!
We are so blessed with these new friendships!

We then went to Sylacauga's football game (where we only made it to half-time) but none-the-less, it was such a fun time catching up and watching our kids goof off. :)

And here is where it gets crazy...

Ryan brought these back from the farm!

What?! That is NOT a small cub people.

The kicker?

Billy was in that SAME SPOT 45 minutes earlier.

Ummm ... yikes.

The rest of Saturday was spent devouring delicious food (and some were almost too adorable to eat... i.e. Stacy's pumpkin shaped cheese ball.)

And taking in game day ... (before the loss, of course) meh.

Got a few shots of these cuties!

My friend, Lindsey, who is the biggest Alabama fan, came across these on Facebook and knew I would be drooling... 1) Only a TRUE friend would lead her rival football friend (me) to one of the most adorable Auburn ensembles ever. 2) Go like The Ritzy Byrd Auction and Sales on Facebook. If an item gets enough people to buy it, you get the outfit at a steal of a price!

My mom came to the game! Ryan had a wedding to attend, so there was an extra ticket. It was a great game to be at... the weather was perfect, the eagle flight was one of the best ever (Spirit flew right over us), BUT we didn't win.

I have to say, if we have to go through these types of years, I'm glad we are getting them out when my child is under one and I'm either feeding them, changing a diaper, or cleaning up a spill. ;) I really feel like I don't take in half of what's going on, whether I'm at home watching or in the stadium, but we sure do have fun!

I mean... who needs to win a football game when you get pure delightment out of playing with a plastic bottle?!

Some more pics from the game...

Sister did so so good once again! She didn't even sleep this time... she was just happy as can be taking in the sights. I can tell she is feeling much better now that her ear infections are gone.
She did start to lose it at the very end of our transit ride back to the car...but we only had to endure that for 3-4 minutes... and it was after 10, so I counted that as a win!

We drove back to our place after the game, and it was around 11 or 12 when we pulled up. We slept in the next morning because we were so exhausted and Ryan was coming down with a cold (our house is pitiful!!!)

But the kids were feeling great and Ryan started to feel better, so we headed to our friend Anderson's Spiderman birthday party on the farm.
It was a blast. Complete with hay rides, silly string, piƱatas and all! 

We all went to bed ... or so I thought...

Sunday night I heard HM cry (at her usual midnight hour)... so I tip toe in the kids room (because they are now back to sleeping in the same room), where I pick up HM to feed her as quietly as possible. About that time, I see Burke dash from the living room to the bathroom.

I was so confused.

He was supposed to be in his bed! If Burke ever falls asleep on the couch Ryan always drops him in his room before he goes to bed himself, but I initially thought Ryan forgot to, and left him on the couch!
I tell Burke to go to our room and lay with Daddy... which he does... and at 4:30am I hear Burke wrestling around again telling Ryan of his ear hurting.

Ugh... I thought... here we go again with the sickness!

I give him Motrin and numbing drops in his ear and he goes back to sleep.

The next morning, he slept till 8am, and then begged me to go back to sleep with him after he ate a little breakfast.
I call Ryan, and proceed to find out that Ryan found the iPad on the couch and some other toys that he hadn't put there! Burke had a night life! Hahaha!

So we both just knocked this situation up to the fact that he stayed up too late and was paying dearly for it.

(He kept getting mad that sister was looking at him, so he covered his face with the blanket. ;)

Meanwhile, she found his shenanigans hilarious... 

Then... there is no documentation of the next 48hrs from here on out.

Because ...

Burke proceeded to lay down in the playroom (after a long nap in our bed mind you), begging me AGAIN to come sleep with him. Before he finished his sentence he vomited all over himself and the floor.... ALL the way to the tub, where it went on for at least a century.

While I was putting a cold rag on his head, I remembered .... HYLAN CAN CRAWL! AHHHHHH!!!!

I jet back to the playroom... only to slip and fall on the tile (from the vomit) to see sister getting waaaayyy too close to the incident. I basically grab her and put her on the other end of the house (which currently will buy me 5 minutes) to clean up and console Burke.

So the rest of Monday was spent washing laundry, sanitizing everything from playroom toys to the tile floors, and getting extra liquids in Burke. Thank goodness Hylan didn't get it!

Oh, and then there is today, Tuesday... Burke went to school! He was 100% when he woke up this morning. He slept from 7-7 last night and hadn't thrown up since 1 Monday afternoon... had eaten a late lunch and then dinner... and was acting himself. SO glad that virus was short lived!

Anyway, when we got back, we were all in the bathroom... (because we all know you don't go to the bathroom by yourself if you have young children) when I walked out to throw some dirty clothes in the laundry shoot... I see Burke pull the bathroom door close and look at me (like he knew he was going to get in trouble for closing the door on sister.) But I knew.... I KNEW....

it had been locked from the inside.


I didn't have time to be upset with Burke (because by that time he already saw the panicked look on my face and was apologizing "I'm sorry Mommy"...) ME- "SORRY WILL NOT FIX THIS BURKE!"

So, I call Ryan, because I figure 911 should be my second option, right?

He didn't answer.

By this time Hylan had made it to the door (which took my next idea of knocking the door down out of the question) and was crying. I'm pretty sure she was crying because she could hear Burke screaming "HOLD ME MOMMA!" and crying hysterically. I didn't have much sympathy since HM was locked in...

I call Billy.

Thankfully he knew just what to do...

I found some Allen wrenches lying on the counter and Billy proceeded to help me pick the lock over the phone... benefit of living in the same house your FIL grew up in! After about 10 minutes, Hylan was out. Poor thing!

Needless to say... it's been a week... and it's only Tuesday.

Hears to hoping the rest of the week in uneventful, and welcoming October with open arms!

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