Sunday, October 4, 2015

One year ago today...

(My kids were well and not throwing up... But that's for another post...)

These two were married!

I had no idea what a wonderful person we would be gaining into our family.
I love to see my brother so happy!

Magan has a sister... but I would like to think that if I had a sister growing up it would have been one like Magan. She's real, down to Earth, loves the Lord, beautiful inside and out, kind, funny, Southern, thoughtful (like really thoughtful... she sends me texts about cool baby products and sometimes buys them for me, what?!), loves and plays with my babies...

(even when they did this during her ceremony)

and most of all, 
she loves my brother.

We don't get to see these two near enough, but when we do it's always a good time.

There is sweet Hylan Marie making her appearance!
(Weren't their flowers beautiful?!)

Happy first anniversary to two of my most favorite people!

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