Tuesday, August 25, 2015

There are a lot of band-aides in this one...

This past weekend we were without Ryan on Saturday. He's a handyman saint, and helps people at the drop of a hat. He's the kind to give you the shirt off his back, and I love that quality about him.

So Saturday, felt more like a weekday for us three. I wanted to do something besides stay in our pajamas so we loaded up the single Bob and Burke's tricycle and drove to CACC Childersburg Campus. I heard they had a paved walking trail behind it (and thankfully I heard right because I would have had one disappointed little boy!)

We started off strong.
Legs pumping, a little "Shake it Off" blaring from my phone (Yes, I realize it's dated by now- but three year olds aren't with the times.), big smiles, little giggles....

Then he decided he wanted to run too, and ditched the bike (but obviously not the helmet) ... I could deal with that...


We weren't even half way around the trail. Why didn't I bring double Bob again?
Well, you can probably guess what happened...

He fell off and was in need of 295,847 band-aides (or so he thought).
His knees stopped bleeding almost by the time we got to the car (but not Hylan's screaming because it was now past her nap time... and the girl LOVES her bed.), so to cheer him up I told him we would FINALLY bring the coins from his piggy bank that we rolled earlier in the week to the bank for bills (because sister feel asleep HARD on the drive home).

He was pumped to show his rolled coinage (62$... what?!) to the bank teller... but when she TOOK "his money" and gave back to him sixty-two dollars in this foreign paper that was much lighter, not as shiny, and NOT HIS MONEY... this is what I got.

 I was praying for daddy to come home by noon. 

After naps... it got better.
We did a little crafting while sister finished her nap, and made some Give, Save, Spend jars similar to these that I tweaked a little bit to fit my three year old brain. I think it's still quite a bit over his head, but hopefully if we keep at it, it will eventually click and help him to be a good steward of money. I'm thinking I need to make some jars for myself by the looks of my allowance account.

We later did a little painting... (working on our Auburn decor that's soon to be going up... will show soon!)

Then swim time!

Then another change of clothes and some down time in the house!

This girl is oh so close to crawling!

Then we finally went to Walmart to spend some of his money he has saved for three years. ha!
He choose a Paw Patrol game (which I give two thumbs up!) and a remote control caterpillar (which is quite cool too!) I let him pay with one of his twenty dollar bills... and I don't think he liked the fact that he didn't have his "shiny money" to pay for it. :)

They Ryan came home, and all was normal for the rest of the weekend! A great day of church, painting the basement, some honey-do jobs were fulfilled, and we called it a day.

Monday, Burke got hold of my camera again... (he knows how to swipe up the camera icon without having to put in a pass code... so I find pictures like this on my phone now.

Ten bucks if you can figure this out.

Then we dressed Hylan up in her tennis attire that Aunt Shanda bought her.

I die.

As for today, we soaked in every possible second of the great outdoors.
It was beautiful outside!

Before we left, we had to wish Aunt Magan a happy birthday!

We were at the park by 8:10 (and Burke was somehow still in his Pj bottoms...)

Hylan couldn't make it home before crashing.

And on a side note- I'm going to need a ruffle pants intervention. I absolutely LOVE them!

While sister napped, we played his new board game outside, and when she woke up we headed to story time at the library, and then back home to spend the rest of the day outside! (Except for naps... always- except for glorious naps.)

After dinner, 

(Don't worry... this was Hylan's)

we wanted to go on a family walk... we ended up walking back to the park. :)

My goodness- Burke is a mini-R.C!

Thankfully, no band-aides were needed after this evening!

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