Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What He Said Wednesday and a photo dump

It's been awhile... and he' been cracking me up.

Burke: Momma.
Me: Yes? (washing dishes)
Burke: (Louder) Momma!
Me: Yes, buddy? (Still washing dishes...)
Burke: Momma, look me in the eyeballs!
The day before K-3:
We are lying down in his bed at nap time and talking, but then it actually gets quiet (which is usually a sign that he's heading to la la land)... except not this time-

Burke: Momma
Me: Yes?
Burke: Take it to shutty town.
Me: WHAT?!
Burke: Take it to shutty town. (we are rolling with giggles)

Ryan says this often... in a kidding manner, of course. :) But, isn't it just perfect that comes out the day before he meets his new teacher??? For the love!

And... some one liners...

-Momma! Is that a new bow sister has on? Huh... it's pretty!
(Note to son... PLEASE always be this observant. Your future wife will love that about you!)

- Daddy! You're squishing me like a pancake!

- Where's God? How do we get there? Let's drive there!

-"Yestermorrow" (when referring to yesterday) and "Next morrow" (when referring to tomorrow) I love those. :)

Three is turning out to be pretty hilarious!

Popsicles while sister sleeps...

Playdate with Jane Paschal. It was her birthday!!!

This girl loved the swing.

Doesn't everyone eat their afternoon snack in the tub?

Last week we checked deer cameras...

and didn't have to look far!
(Sidenote to deer... you better run!)

 We traveled to Cullman to celebrate Griffin over the weekend!
Cutie pie is soon to turn one!

And little Miss was all dolled up in (a new to us) MJ dress. 

A little cousin photo shoot. :)

He loved it... Hylan did not. :/

G loved the cake!

We got back in late on Sunday, and Burke and I stayed up and decided to bake (and eat) chocolate chip cookies! 

On Tuesday we decided to make a run to Home Depot, and scored a sweet ride.

It was all fun and games until...

One of my sweet friends had a baby Tuesday, too! Marley Kate arrived around noon.
Perfection. Right?
I can't wait to meet her and get the birth story scoop.

We later went to a celebration announcement. The studio I teach with is partnering with another friend's dance studio under SAFE, a non-profit organization. This means so many things and has so many new possibilities! I'm so excited for these Godly women!

And... later... dinner.

And today I took my phone out to capture one of our many Sonic dates after a morning at "school". This time I made us a picnic in the back of Libby (yay for collapsable third row!) The sonic employee even delivered to the trunk. :)

They thought it was the best thing ever.

Until someone wanted to taste a chicken finger.

She settled for a fry.

Later bathes were had. And yes, this is after school and lunch, and often requires bribary. Sometimes its ice cream in the tub, a popsicle, or bubbles...but this week a request was made for a "colorful bath." (His words, promise!):) Monday, orange was requested... Tuesday, it was blue. Getting antsy for football season, aye Burkeman?

And sweet brother even made a contraption that Hylan thought was plum amazing.

And last but not least on the iPhone... 

Pictures by Burke.

He was supposed to be napping (like his sweet sister)... however, you will probably notice the shot of me snoozing and realize that he would have none of that today!

On another note, I may give him the camera more often (and on purpose). It's kinda fun seeing what he sees through the lens of a camera. ha!

Happy hump day!

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