Sunday, July 26, 2015

Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend was super lazy. After a long week of doing choreography for two majorette lines (to some awesome and talented young ladies may I add) I was excited to slow down for some family time.

While I was away during the day Burke and Hylan had some of the best baby sitters. :)

My mom came in last Sunday (our anniversary) so Ryan and I could go out to dinner. I was glorious. 
I put Hylan to bed early, around 7:00, and when we returned Burke and her were already in bed. Hylan never knew her life source was MIA and Burke enjoyed having her all to himself.

Mom stayed through Tuesday, NaNa and Pap Pap watched the kids while I was away on Wednesday, and Ree traveled with me to Jemison to help with the munchkins on Thursday. Shireen was going to help on Friday, but the girls learned quickly and we got a day off! I was so grateful the kiddos got some fun time with grandparents and great grand parents while I was away.

(Recording our choreography... and I had to take a picture to show we are all big Apple supporters :) 

After a not so normal week, I wanted to do something fun on Friday. So we traveled to Birmingham and went to Air Walk!

But what's the saying... all is fun and games till someone gets hurt?

Poor Hudson did something to his hip or leg (BUT all is good now, thank you Lord!). It kind of put a damper on things and we just wanted to get back... but not before bellies were full!

Hylan's first time in a high chair out in public. It kind of swallowed her whole, but she managed just fine by munching on some of my salad and some steamed sweet potatoes I packed her. More definitely went on the floor than in her mouth, but hey, it's a start.

Burke was ecstatic to get some cousin time in. And to make his weekend, Ree volunteered to take them to spend the night at the lake with her and PaPa. The boy was in heaven.

While he was away, I got my decorating on for the new season change- Back to School Decor!
(Blog post coming soon!)

Saturday, more less looked like this:
Hylan has been doing a little better on sleep. Going for a five hour stretch from about 11-4am. Which means I'm totally out of it when she does wake up. So for the past couple of days I've let her sleep with me for the last little bit. Well, on Saturday, the house was quiet and we slept until 8:30am. So nice!

We took a jog, and she enjoyed her teething ring. (No sign of a tooth yet!) And then I busted my screen on my phone. :( No bueno.

 Then we had lunch.

Ryan and Burke came home and Hylan and I slipped out to visit a friend who just delivered the sweetest baby! After that, I can't even remember what we did for the rest of the day, which means it was super relaxing.

That night we decided to mark two more things off our Summer Bucket List. I love making memories with these two!

Camping Out and Smores!

Well... we actually camped "in." Seeing as how the mosquitoes would carry Burke away. Burke also had his first smore. He refused it at first, but once we made him taste it... he came back. :) We all piled up in our beach tent (ha!) after I put Hylan down. Burke LOVED it. He had trouble going to sleep because he was so excited. 

Sunday, we went to church, where the message is always inspiring and the music is beyond breathtaking. We love FUMC!

I taught Sunday School and then hurried back home to feed Hylan. Later, Burke and I got ready and headed to our town's production of The Little Mermaid. 

It was so very good! I teared up at the end. To see those kids do such a great job, had me a little emotional!

One of our good buddies was cast as a sailor and a chef. Payne did such a good job and Burke loved getting to see him in his role.

Now I'm off to cram in every last thing on our summer to do list before "school" starts in 11 short days! And by to-do list, I mean more ice cream stops, playdates, baby pool wading, and camping in. :)

That's it for my weekend wrap up!

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