Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Back to School- Countdown is on!

What? Can't believe another school year is upon us? 

I hold on to summer as long as I can. And thankfully since my littles are so ... well... little. This back to school stuff isn't all that serious. We don't have to buy a new wardrobe, buy a massive list of supplies, or prepare our bodies to get up extra early... just yet.

I'm sending Burke to a K-3 program this year. He really loved going for the two half days last year and I know his sweet teachers had a lot to do with it. They were answered prayers! I feel like he thrives when with others his age, and it does him well to get a small taste of the school setting (or so I believe!) I don't really care if he is "ahead" of most three year olds... what I really want him to come away with is a respect for others, make friends, to be immersed in God's word, and to learn to respond to authority figures... other than us. It also will give me some one-on-one time with Hylan, and I'm thrilled about giving her that time too. This is the period of time I didn't get to immerse myself in first hand with Burke. In fact, this was my time hop today:

This picture made me tear up. I remember how HARD it was leaving that sweet face to go back to work. He was just five months old the day I started back. I think of all the things that happened with Burke from five months to 15 months... some of the things he did, I wasn't the first to see or hear him do.  I remember how it hurt not to witness those things myself... for the first time. I'm pretty sure I would block out any conversation that started with "Guess what Burke did today?!" I didn't want to hear it. I wanted to experience it for myself. I'm so so so so thankful for the opportunity to stay at home with my turkeys. I KNOW not everyone wants to do this... some people thrive in their profession and love coming home to their kids. I wasn't one of them. Just the little baton that I teach is the perfect fit for me, and I'm so lucky I get to do just that and "work" at home raising my two kiddos.

So, kudos to you working moms. You're awesome... and strong, and AMAZING. Working mom/dad or stay at home mom/dad, we love our kids!

We go to meet his teacher next week and his first day of school is next Thursday! Which means we are exactly 10 days from the first day of school! And you know I love a good reason to decorate or craft (especially when I can use stuff on hand to throw it together!) and I figured I should share... because I can almost bet you have these things on hand too and can throw something up in no time!

I like to think it gets Burke excited about what's to come as well. :)

1,2,3 jars purchased from Tuesday morning a few years ago
Window- from farm house
Pom Poms- Cheap version... needle and thread through pom poms I had on hand
Flashcards- dollar store
clothespins- Hobby Lobby
fabric- some I had and some I picked up at Hobby Lobby
Baker's Twine- Amazon

ABC blocks- Melissa and Doug
Last year's K-2 picture! (AWE!)
Vintage Dr. Seuss books- mom passed down
Vase with #2 pencils- already had

(Sister helped pick out the right blocks. :)

I had a little surprise for Burke when he came home from his spend the night at the lake to find all the back to school stuff....
Pullover is from Crystal Faye (it's waaaayyy too cute on him!)

Then there's the dining room.
Vase, blocks, ribbon... boom.

And don't you love the glass top with pictures underneath?! Shireen has something similar in her house and I'd been wanting to replicate it for awhile. So fun changing it up! Right now, we are hanging onto summer with pictures from wonderful times we've had this summer!
(Why yes. That is crumbs you see.)

I found a picture on pinterest of a wreath made of notebook paper... and I had to try. 
Cute, CHEAP, and easy!
(I only bought the mini chalkboards- Hobby Lobby)

And then there's the countdown...

Now... my chalkboard art looks like this...

and once we check the last couple of things off our list, Back to School chalkboard art is going up!
Any ideas???

Hope everyone has a great start to the school year!

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