Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cousin shenanigans, dirty stinky water and Chuck E. Cheese

One of the highlights of Burke's summer is having Cade spend the night.

Burke started making big plans this whole summer about what he wanted to play with Cade when he came to spend the night...

There would be tent sleeping, movie watching, game playing, and much more.
Ryan helped him set it all up. :)

(our beach tent. ha!)

So we went to Walmart to get the "supplies" needed for our sleepover.

And can we just pause for the cuteness?

We have never gotten one of these buggies before. It was brand new! (and the only reason I let sister ride in it.)

She thought she was big stuff sitting with brother!

Later that day, Cade arrived!
We got sunscreen and zinked up...

(Colored sunscreen was a hit!)

and swam and played outside while sister...

 Water fights were had by all.

Then we headed in to decorate the BLUE cupcakes Burke insisted I make. And yes... we decorated with the ORANGE icing he picked out. 

(Yes, I realize they ate more dye than sugar...)

Sand play.

The Frozen soundtrack on repeat. (Specifically the first song)
And here's a glimpse of their reenactment...

Once Ryan got home, we ate a spaghetti dinner, watched a movie, and played flashlight hide and seek ...
until Burke got scared. :)

Saturday, Ryan brought the boys to the farm. So sister and I did a little in-town shopping after taking a walk with Laura and Hobbs.

 I could eat her up in this dress!
It's just perfect for our family pictures coming up.

After a wonderful Sunday morning at church, Ree and PaPa made their way down to watch the littles while we attended a meeting with some friends at our pastor's house.

I know Burke enjoyed it!

And guess what... this girl is taking a bottle!
(I'm pretty sure I heard the hallelujah chorus in my ears when this all went down last week.)
She was pretty funny to watch because she looked so uncoordinated the first couple of times... but now she's a pro. Now... the only issue is that I've been so excited about her new trick (bottle drinking that is) that I've decreased my supply by giving her some of the stash in the freezer. Boo.

It's always something, huh?
Anyway... we will be back on track in a few days I think.

When we returned, Burke left with Billy and Shireen to head to the lake... where cousins would reunite and Camp Ree and PaPa would begin. Burke and Hylan are so lucky to have grandparents on both sides that love them so!

During their stay they went to the farm and had a picnic. 

It is also the place where Burke would decide he needed to practice his swimming skills. Shireen said he was in mid sentence when he went under and was still talking when he came back up. lol

Burke also decided he had to bring back some of the "dirty stinky water" from the creek in a plastic bottle as a souvenir. 

I have no idea.

Then today, Burke's day was made when he went to the greatest place on earth... and no... we're not talking Disney World... more like Chuck E. Cheese.

Ryan picked him up when he got off work to head back home. He meets his K-3 teacher tomorrow!

While Burke was gone, I got to do things like... mop. I'm pretty sure my floors don't know what to think because it's been so long since I last gave them a good rub down.

Meanwhile... sister hopped.... so hard that she popped her bow off! Ha!

Sometimes it's nice just taking in this baby phase. 

Sleepy time...

She definitely gets bored not having Burke to entertain her. She lit up when she got to see him tonight!

Looking forward to our meet the teacher tomorrow and first day of school on Thursday!

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