Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hylan's six months- photo overload

So, as with Burke, I had to get some pictures at the 1/2 year mark with Hylan Marie. We did this in an hour at home, while Burke and Ryan went to the farm. She was a good sport for me, and went along with my silly antics. :) So, now to bombard you with pictures and facts about
 my favorite little girl.

At six months, she is full of personality. She loves to hear her voice, blow raspberries at you, stick out her tongue, and spend time watching and playing with Burke.
It doesn't take much to get a smile from her (as evidence below.)

If someone is trying to get her to smile and I'm holding her, she will get all excited and bury her head in my shoulder... as if she is embarrassed. It's the cutest. 

She doesn't have much hair, but it's starting to come in...and fast! I'm savoring the moments of kissing her duck fuzz head while it lasts, because I know I'll miss that when it's covered in the real deal. 

We have a running joke that her tongue is too big for her mouth. :) It's always sticking out!

When Ryan comes home from work and she hears his voice, she immediately sits up eyes wide, and turns and looks for him with a BIG grin on her face. I'm pretty sure she is saying "Finally!!! Someone else to look at besides you, mom!" ;)

However, I do believe she is a momma's girl... at least right now. Most of the time, if she's crying, the instant she is given back to me or picked up, she stops. This melts me... it also may mean she is a weeeee bit attached, but I know it won't last long enough.

She can't sit by herself yet, although she tried to prove me wrong in the picture below. She is really wobbly, and will fall over almost immediately, but I can tell she is getting stronger every day. She likes to sit on her bottom and play with toys (if someone is holding her steady) but most the time her favorite position is standing up. Specifically, in the excersaucer (She LOVES that thing.) Other times she spends on her belly... squirming... trying to figure out how to keep up with Burke. It won't be long.

She is a brown eyed girl. They were never grey like Burke's were when he was born, and quickly got really dark over the last two months. Just beautiful.

She has started solids. We are doing the baby led weaning method, where you skip puree's all together, and I'm loving the ease of it all... and she's loving food! I can't wait to blog about this part of  her babyhood! (Coming soon.) Her first food was avocado. She didn't like it (I don't blame her, yuck!)... but it's a great starter food because of all the health benefits, but it was a no go. I've tried it a few times since the first taste, and no luck. BUT she has loved everything else she's gotten her hands on... bananas, squash, tomatoes, cucumber, toast, applesauce, sweet potatoes, carrots, hummus, turkey, chicken, whole wheat tortilla, cereal, apples, corn, ice cream (thanks to Nanna and PawPaw) eek!, bell peppers, watermelon ... I think that's about it so far!  We haven't dropped any feedings so far, and are still nursing five-six times a day (and way too many times at night.) She will drink a little water from a sippy cup, so it looks like it will be straight to a cup for us! That's right, still not accepting a bottle. I've given up, and taken her preference as a compliment. ;) Sometimes it is tiring, but I wouldn't trade the sweet times for the world. Moments I hope to never forget... like her playing with my hair. She waves her arm around in a circle and lets it run through her fingers... if it's up on top of my head, then she will touch my face and seemingly try to convince me to put my hair down. :) 

As for sleeping, she's not the best...awful. 
 She has nights where I think she is on the verge of doing better... and then nights where she wakes up more times than I care to count (or are able to because I'm a zombie.) I know the amount of shut eye I get is around five hours, and I've learned I can function at an alarming rate with just that small amount of sleep. Ha! When (and if) she ever goes back to sleeping through the night, I won't know what to do with myself! My internal clock is really messed up! When she wakes up it's either because she's hungry or has gas. :) Hopefully, (I notice I use the word hope a lot when describing her sleeping habits.) she will do better once her digestive system gets used to solids and holding more food at night to make it longer than three or four hours (who am I kidding... more like one or two)!

She loves to look in the mirror, to chase after Burke (on my hip of course), play peek-a-boo, Bob rides, and to be thrown up in the air.

I also like to think she loves big bows, dresses, and momma's pearls. :)

Hylan Marie, you are such a sweet heart. I can't imagine our family without you. I've loved seeing your personality unfold in the short time you've been with us, and I can't wait to see more. You are just the little girl I dreamed of. I am so thankful for our Heavenly Father sending you to us!

And my daily prayer for you is to grow...

So you will be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that He may be glorified” (Isaiah 61:1–3)

I love you to the moon and back HM.

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