Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Fourth

One of my top holidays is July 4th weekend. It doesn't get much better than celebrating America, at the lake- with your loved ones- in the summertime!

Of course, this one was a little more special to me because little miss turned 6mths on the 3rd and it was her first taste of good ole' lake relaxing (Where you eat to much, play Rook till you drop, and are super lazy.)

The kids and I left for the lake Thursday night because Jon and Magan were coming early too! It's so wonderful to hang out with them! I don't know how I didn't get a picture of either of them the entire time... because they played with Burke constantly! He ate up every second of it too. 

Instead I have a million photos of this girl. I guess her turning 1/2 year old had her at the forefront of my mind!

Ryan got there around noon on Friday. He and Billy had went to Pelham to get cedar for the wrap he is going to be building... well... let's just say they didn't get it.  

Later we went for our fist dip in the water.

HM cried at first... but once she got used to the water, she seemed to like it!

My parents rolled in that afternoon and quickly got some snuggle time with Hylan Marie.

The next day, was Saturday, July 4th!

Dinner time! The food was over the top-amazing. Like Ryan said... if you walk away from the lake hungry, it's your own fault! Shireen has the best spread!
Tim, Shanda, Carson, Bryant, and Griffin came in too!

What is it about corn on the cob that makes me want to get my camera???

And I must share this Berry Cheesecake Trifle I made for the fourth! I got the recipe from Life in the Green House. It was delicious, and so festive! I love that Shireen had a glass bucket for me to put it in... it made it even more Fourth of Julyesk. 
Baby girl in her Proud American attire... and Pap Pap in his! (War Eagle!)


There was lots of swimming involved too!

And pontoon riding (errrr.... driving.)

And pier sitting.

This was going to be my attempt to take some 6 month pictures of Hylan, but she didn't quite like the idea. (Hence the picture of the back of her head... because the front said "It's too hot to be doing this mom!)

More lounging...

 and eating...
(toast and squash)

and playing with William...

and NaNa (who doesn't act like a great grandmother may I add!)

Then more swimming!
Burke was jumping off the pier so well! I really wish we could have done swim lessons this year. The times just coincided with Hylan's nap time. Next year for sure!

Then we got out the tube... except this ride didn't go as planned. Apparently Ryan's elbow smashed into Cade's head and Burke and Bryant hit heads. Everyone made it in one piece, but I think we learned to stick to two a ride... even if you can cram four bodies inside it.

The adults old children took a spin too!
Ryan and I hadn't done this in forever!

Check out Ryan's sweet tricks. ;)

Then Sunday, after church, we got these gems:

I couldn't pick just one...

Then brother started getting crazy...

(Hylan- "Mom... what's he doing?)


And... this wasn't the best photo, but I LOVED baby girl's expression. :)

Before we left on Sunday, we took another pontoon ride, complete with a watermelon snack. Nothing says summertime more than this!

However, Hylan chose to eat her toes.

 (Sorry Ree... apparently I can't center a photo...)

What a weekend!  
We had so much fun with our families. It makes me wish football here sooner so we can hang out at the lake more often!  I'm so thankful to live in this country and even more thankful for those who have laid down their lives so I can enjoy freedoms here on Earth. Mostly, I'm thankful for the freedom my Heavenly Father has given me. There is no better gift!

Happy Fourth of July!
"So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." John 8:36

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