Monday, May 18, 2015

Time well spent

This past week and weekend was filled with girls outings, lots of packing, and soaking in sweet times with my babies

(from playing indoor football to water play)

 and an actual dinner out with (gasp!) my husband! 

However, our family had a scare Sunday morning, when my sweet grandpa B fell down his garage steps. He cut his elbow pretty badly (thankful it's not broken!), but did break his eighth rib, which unfortunately punctured his lung. Tests are being run today to see how his body is responding to that puncture wound. Please send a special prayer up for him!

^Sweet friends celebrating Kate and baby Frances, who will be arriving soon!^

Saturday, Ryan worked at the farm, while I brought Burke to Nanna and met some sweet friends at Another Broken Egg for brunch. Actually... it was more like breakfast, because we proceeded to make a Target run (where I decided I needed a BIG pick-me-up). This girl has had sleeping habits like a newborn lately, and I'm DYING.

Not "dying" per say... just really exhausted and always in need of a shower and concealer. :)

 We then went out for lunner (lunch/dinner). I love that my friends like to eat!
Cassie, is 30 weeks pregnant with little Miss Marley Kate. She looks amazing, and I can't wait to meet her little girl in 10 short weeks!
 Our next girls outing, I'm sure her and Hylan will have lots to talk about! :)

The rest of the weekend consisted of teaching children's church, packing, packing, and more packing for Disney. Which, like Danielle said, feels like your just walking in circles around your suitcases. And Ryan fixed some odds and ends around the house (yay for a tub that drains properly!) 

To end the weekend, Ryan and I decided to eat out at Giovanni's. We timed it where HM would be sleeping. Well... she did for most of the outing... Here's how it goes down with a 4 mth old.
1) Leave house with a sleepy child
2) Child falls asleep on the way to the restaurant. (You feel like you won the lottery)
3) You walk into the restaurant. She wakes up, and sticks out her bottom lip five minutes into your arrival. (You feel that money you just won, go up in flames.)
4) You tell your husband what you want.
5) You go back to vehicle, child in tow, knowing she's sleepy... if only. she'll. give. in.
6) You drive around town, stop for gas, make a phone call... while husband orders both your meals, and partakes of the salad bar.
7) You arrive back at said restaurant with a beautiful SLEEPING child. 
8) Your entree's are being walked to the table and you head to the salad bar to catch up with your husband. The meal is DELICIOUS! An actual face to face conversation with hubby is so so nice!
9) You are mid way through, and baby awakes.
10) Husband leaves with beautiful baby while you request to-go boxes (you didn't need to eat the whole thing anyway, right?) and devour a few more bites while the waitress cashes you out.

Burke spent the weekend with Nanna and Paw Paw. He accumulated a bug "ummm bell a" that he is so proud of, 

and lots of fun memories that apparently involved shopping, riding his bike, and lots and lots of water play. :)

Next up, Monday.

I have come to realize that Monday's.... working mom, or no working mom... always seem to be harder than most days. I guess you are coming off the weekend... where things just get to be a little less scheduled, or you get an extra hand at home, or maybe get an extra hour of sleep somehow. So we decided to beat a case of the Monday's by checking out the new exhibit at McWane. We WILL be back. It's beyond amazing.

Daddy even got to stop by since its so close to his office!

Thank you, McWane Science Center, for adding such an amazing place just for the itty bitties! 

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