Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Weekend recap- Mother's Day edition

I'm sitting here eating through a bag of M&M's, in order to separate the brown, yellow, and red candy from the rest of the colors to make "Mickey Munch" for the upcoming road trip (something I found on Pinterest). So yes, I'm being forced to eat the misfit colors. It's all in the name of Disney. I hate it. ;)

 We are 12 days out. It's getting so close, and we are all getting so excited! 

On to the recap.,.

I choose to skip over the beginning of the weekend that included me getting mastitis (Seriously... how can a clogged duct cause that much chaos in your body?!?! It's terrible people.), and I'll move on to post mastitis. That includes friends, a wedding (yay for a reason to put on make-up!), family, and Mother's Day.

See the gorgeous bride? That's Brittney. 

The wedding was at Church in the Pines, on Lake Martin, and the reception was at Willow Point. It was absolutely beautiful! Adding the bonus of getting to see and catch up with some of my college friends made my day!

We haven't changed much, have we?
One of the many HOT summer practices (circa 2005)
(Yes, I could have put a sparkly pretty photo of the AU majorette days, but it's nice to keep it real sometimes.)

Another highlight?
Putting my feet in the "beach"... yeah... it was a man made one by the reception site, but hey, it may be as close as I get this summer! 

That night Ryan, Hylan, and I drove to Cullman. (Did I mention HM wen to the wedding too? She was a champ. Not a peep throughout the ceremony, and only got upset as we were leaving the reception site... she was tuckered out!)

Sunday, after church, Ree and PaPa fixed an amazing meal and we got to hang out with our families for a little while before the kids and I hitched a ride with NaNa and Pap Pap and headed back to Sylacauga, since Ryan would be driving to work from Cullman instead. (This is where Hylan insisted on crying from Birmingham to home... that's a long 45 minutes. Nothing like saying thank you for a free ride like a screaming child.) 

(Burke's version of corn hole.)

Couldn't let the day go by without getting a picture with the babies that made me "momma!"

And after a LONG Monday... of getting the house back in order because of being out of commission from being sick half of last week, finding scraps I could feed my child since I hadn't been to the grocery store, and actually going grocery shopping....where I was charged $128 for applesauce pouches at Walmart (and no I didn't realize this until I was home.... this should tell you how distracted I was with my two ham bones).... we are back to normal.

Enjoying life with a homemade popsicle.


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