Sunday, May 31, 2015


Before I get to a Disney post overload, I thought it might be best to go back to the day before we left... which was Burke's last official day of K2!

From pull-ups to Batman underwear (and can we all just take a minute to sing praises to his teachers for helping in that feet!), from understanding half of what he was saying to hearing him recite short scripture and memorizing a blessing over our meals, and even growing out of his baby chub! (I know... I didn't know there was any to loose either... but the picture is the proof!). 

On Friday, his teachers threw a great party... with a great bounce house that made my kid's day. Burke usually just goes two days a week, but because of the Friday fun- I knew he wouldn't want to miss it.

It was supposed to be a swim party, but it ended up being 55 degrees that morning, so that idea was nixed. Hence the reason my child showed up in a button down and swim trunks. :)

They had a yummy lunch,

and were given certificates and sweet notes from his teachers. We even put together a few easy end-of-the-year gifts.

He has had an awesome year. He comes home talking about Tumblebus, or what friends he played with that day, and sometimes who got in trouble. :) (Which he's yet to mention himself, which leads me to wonder if he's leaving out half the story.) His teachers have done a great job getting him excited about the idea of school, and I'm so thankful for the time and effort I know they put into making his and his classmates experience a good one. A teacher sets the tone for the day. And I believe Burke had two of the best. 

K3, here he comes!

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