Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The shared room reveal

When we found out we were pregnant, I never questioned the shared room idea... until we found out we were having a girl. 
I always dreamed of decorating the most girly and chick nursery, complete with a chandelier. :)
Well, that wasn't going to happen if we wanted to keep the only extra space in house, that we use as a playroom. We ADORE having a space that all toys stay in. I love that Burke's bedroom is just for quiet things, like sleeping or reading, so we weren't willing to giving it up. 

So, welcome to Burke and Hylan's shared room!
Ryan replaced the door to their room with one that had "windows," which was swapped out from a door downstairs. This way their are no creaking doors when trying to check in on them! 

Before, the room was all grey walls, except the wall that is now pink and white striped- it was floor to ceiling chalkboard.

When we painted over it, Burke was pretty mad and said things like "No, baby sister! Want chalkboard back!" We made a deal to keep a little of "his space" and left a rectangle to frame up for his peace of mind. I actually love it, and love odd details like this and the glass paneled door in a space.

We added the stripe detail around the room to tie in the fact that we have one pink wall. :) I just had to make things difficult with the request of having pink in the room... but since she gets "a wall" instead of a" room"- it seemed reasonable enough.

The shelves hung are from a little place called Pickle Patch, right up the road. On one of the shelves is a gift of artwork done by a super talented friend I've made here. (Check out Vaughan Pursell Spanjer Art & Design... such sweet and beautiful work!)

One of my dresses my mom handed down hangs from the hook. 

The other shelf is the home to the cutest fox Mackenzie, one of Ryan's dear friends, made. She handmade Burke a giraffe when he was born. So special! The canvas was supposed to be done the week Hylan Marie arrived... well... it's still blank, but it's going to have a print of Burke and Hylan's feet on it.

The crib (from Papa and Ree) and bedding are the same ones we used with Burke... I just used fabric paint to change the yellow ribbing to white and NaNa replaced the yellow fabric ties with white ones!

The "H" above the crib is from Hobby Lobby, the canopy- Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and the skirt is from Target! It looks just like the one from Pottery Barn (minus the price tag!)... however NaNa added a ruffle to the bottom so it would hit the floor. (So thankful for her helping hands!)

Below is the only wall that is one solid color.... which is what the whole room was before I threw pink in the mix.
 The frame was a gift from NaNa, and the sibling picture is from our newborn season. (I swoon.)

Funny side story about this picture frame... Did I mention that it was free from a good home??? Well... not quite...You see, the frame had no glass... so I brought it to a wonderful local store to have a piece cut for it (15$). Ryan went to hang it up, and it had a huge crack from corner to corner. We have no idea how it happened. 
I got it replaced- 15$ more dollars.
Ryan rehung it. We went back to our daily routine, and we hear a terrible shattering noise... you guess it. Glass was everywhere... and it messed up the print slightly, but there was no way I was reordering it because mpix's sale was over and I didn't want to spend any more money on this frame!

The glass was, yet again, replaced (15$). It now hangs securely on the wall... or so I hope.

The changing table is a find from the farm house. We just refinished it. The second drawer was badly damaged, so Ryan took it out and built a shelf so I could put baskets. (He's so handy!)

The Peter Rabbit tin was from my nursery. The antique lamp was found in Gege and Pop's house when we were cleaning it out. I just had to find a shade. The sweet bracelet and MY FAVORITE baby lotion were gifts from Magan and Jon. The ballet shoes were my first slippers, and were the ones we used on her birth announcement. (More on our newborn photos later!)

(I drool at the cuteness ^^^)

This is Burke's side. 
Don't let the picture fool you. Bunk beds are a beast to make-up, and you will only find them made up if I know company is coming over (and then you'll be lucky if they look this good.)

Frame awaiting a picture (and has been for the last two months.)

Ignore the mess... but I'm so thankful for these huge closets! (Well, huge compared to what we were used to!) 

There you have it!