Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Just a day in the life...

12:30am- the princess awakes to eat.

3:30am- she's hungry again...

6:30am- Annnnd again. I get up. For good.

7:00am- Burke is up. Breakfast is served. We watch George, and I slip out after the first episode to put on something that doesn't smell like milk, and get ready.

8:00am- Baby sister falls asleep. Burke and I work on Valentine's for his classmates. 

(Why yes... that is a piece of candy in his mouth at eight o'clock in the morning.)

9:00am- Hylan eats. I get the kiddos ready to go to story time and run a few errands before hand.

10:25am- The plan actually works, and we make it to story time five minutes EARLY. (Patting self on back.)

10:30am- Storytime with Blue Bell. We LOVE our library!

  Sporting the beard net. (Did you know these existed??? I didn't, but find them hilarious!)

11:10am- Burke exclaims "I'm hungry!" as we leave the parking lot of the library. I say "What are you fixing?"

11:15am- We arrive at McDonald's. It's perfect. He makes friends with another little boy and they run off the energy that would not have escaped otherwise because it was FREEZING outside. I text another friend and invite her to join in on the action once I realize how amazing this is.

11:30am- baby sister decides she's hungry... early. :/ I have to nurse her in McDonalds. :( She's not a fan of being covered while eating... so the experience was not too pleasant. I see Burke grab his pants. I ask him if he's got to go to the bathroom. That's a big "YES!" So I put Hylan back in her carseat (still hungry), and we head to the potty. Surprisingly, it's spotless, and I feel much better about the situation, but still have Hylan covered as if she's going through a snow storm.

11:45am- friends arrive and the play continues.

12:45am- I unwillingly decide we have to leave play heaven in order to get a nap in.

1:00pm- We arrive home. I make Burke get in the bathtub. (Yes, I'm a germaphobe.) 

1:10pm- Hylan spits up ... everywhere. She too gets a bath.

1:30pm- Finally everyone is clean.

1:45pm- I put Hylan down in our room. I go lay with Burke. He decides he needs a snack and acts like he hasn't ate in years. I think of all the energy he expelled, and decide he' probably right.

2:00pm- Snack

2:20pm- Back in bed. We both fall asleep... (Hylan was gone a long time ago.)

3:30pm- I wake up. Slip out. Hylan's up and ready to nurse.

4:00pm- Lots of chores that no one cares about.

4:45pm- I wake Burke up from a super late nap. He's super cranky because I woke him.
Curious George makes everything better. 

5:00pm- I start dinner.

6:00pm- Ryan's home! Praise the Lord! Hylan is hungry (seemingly) again. I'm confused, but nurse her again.

6:30pm- We eat dinner. Hylan is still not happy and wants to nurse (I assume because she's cranky.)

7:00pm- I'm back to chores. I walk in our room to find this going on. 

 As soon as I take the picture I hear Hylan spit up...
It's terrible. 
I face palm myself because I KNEW she shouldn't have eaten so much.... she was just tired.

7:30pm- Another bath for her and the massive clean up and laundry process follows. She falls asleep.

8:00pm- 10:00pm- Dishes, laundry, shower, Burke hits the hay, clean-up, and I put the tags on Burke's valentines.

I love them.

10:30- I blog. It's way too late to do so... but I do. Some days you don't stop moving, but it's all worth it. Fact is, we start out strong when the sun comes up, but when it comes down we're often worn to a frazzle. We push on because we have too- for our husband, our kids, family and friends. I thank God for giggles with my babies, the snuggles at nap time, the playdates with friends.... but in the moments I'm cleaning up vomit, washing dishes, disciplining, or picking up the same toy for the millionth time- I pray I find joy in those too- for those things are blessings in disguise. If I had no one to clean up after, no one to redirect, or make dinner for... life just wouldn't be as wonderful.

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