Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Starting K-2!

So everyone around here started school Monday. It is so weird to be on the parent side of things when I'm used to being in the teacher seat! Burke started K-2 yesterday! Yes, I'm still staying at home with him, but we think that he will really benefit from this mom's morning out/ school like experience for 4 hours twice a week.... and moving to three days when the baby comes. He will be making friends his age and learning about God, academics, and social skills outside of our house. We went to open house last Thursday, and he couldn't have been more excited about "chool." He didn't want to leave!

He is at such a fun age, where we are able to have fragmented conversations...Yes, he may start telling me about his last visit to Chuck Cheese in the same breath that he was telling me what he had for lunch, but it still counts.

This also gives reason to take pictures, start traditions, and cry like a baby (pregnancy hormones... shesh.)

Yesterday, Burke slept a little later than normal... 6:45 (score!), and we did a little first day of school jig... with strategic moves to make his fabulous bed hair bounce.

Then on to a special breakfast for my K-2er.

Pancakes, blueberries, and yogurt.
I think mom gave me these cookie cutter letters a long time ago... I will be using them again, they worked great!

Then we quickly got ready and took some pictures!

And Burke got to take off his last ring on his 20 day count down to preschool.

And here's my ham...

You would think I've made him take a million picture before or something...

K-2 here he comes!

He was adamant about doing it all by himself.... carrying his backpack and going up the steps that is.

I picked him up at 11, and didn't get much done between drop off and pick up because I was looking through my pictures and sending them all to family. :) And come to find out, pick up for half-days is at 12. This way he can eat lunch with his class.

When I arrived they were all in the bathroom, taking turns going potty (high five to his brave teachers!), and the ones who weren't on the potty were lined up against the wall. When I opened the door, Burke said started shouting "Stay against wall momma!"... "I go potty!" (Which he did... in his diaper. :) I couldn't contain my laughter. It was all so cute. He wanted to run to me, but the teacher made him wash his hands and follow the class back to the classroom. (Side note... we have had potty progress! He is going to the bathroom once a day in the potty. This all started out of the blue last Friday... and we had been promising him we would take him to Chucky Cheese when and if he ever did. Boy, you better believe he made us hold up on our end of the deal! He hadn't hardly gotten off the toilet till he was running to get "money for Chucky Cheese" out of his piggy bank!) 

After calling daddy and telling him all about his day... which apparently consisted of "playing with toys at school time," we followed up with a mommy/son lunch date at Sonic... where the humidity drove us to take our food back to the house and enjoy the AC.

Overall I think he is going to have a great experience.

When we got home, I asked him a few questions...I'm going to make it a point to have Burke tell me his answers to these questions each year, to one- see how he changes, and two-get a good laugh when we read back years from now.

My name is ....... Burke

The grade I'm starting this year is..... PaPa school (????)

I am most excited about ..... playing with toys. (noted)

When I grow up I want to be ..... brother sister (not sure you can be both son.)

My best friend is..... Woody. (good friendships last, right Lindz?)

My favorite book is..... George book.

My favorite color is..... yellow.

My favorite game is..... Chucky Cheese. (Where all his dreams come true.)

My favorite thing to eat is ..... chicken and hotdog. (Arg... meat eater... here me ROAR.)

My favorite thing about school is ..... play.

The best thing that happened today ..... play with toys.

I see a common theme, as you should with a two year old, and even though I hope all his play dreams come true, I hope that he enjoys other toddlers his age, is potty trained by December (Yes, this is the teachers goal!), and most of all practices using his manners and learns about God's love!

Oh, and look at this handsome Kindergartener!

I can't believe he's old enough for real school!!!

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