Wednesday, June 4, 2014


We had a wonderfully busy weekend celebrating people we love.

Burke spent most the weekend with Nana and Paw Paw, while we attended my friend Lisa's wedding.
He didn't have any fun.

Yes, he "won" a fishing trophy. "Youngest fisherman."

Meanwhile, we had a wonderful time at a beautiful wedding.
Lisa is one of the sweetest people I know. I am so blessed to have worked with her and become friends! The reception site was awesome, and my fussy iPhone photos do it no justice.

One gorgeous bride!

Some of the LFES crew. I have been so lucky to have taught with and have become such good friends with these ladies! Saying goodbye in a few weeks is going to be TOUGH.

We had to leave before Lisa and Tommy were sent off because Ryan had to get up early to take a test the next morning at 8:00am. (boo.)

The next celebration, was in Cullman on Sunday. It was Shireen's retirement party! It was a bittersweet goodbye, as she is so loved and respected as principal at West Point Primary. They have accomplished some wonderful things over the years (Blue Ribbon School to name one of the few!), but most of all the friendships and since of family that has been formed will be irreplaceable. 

The food was amazing. 

 (You don't care if I play with your ear, do you Cade?)

 We saw lots of our former teachers that inspired and encouraged us.

 And the woman of the hour never stopped to even take a bite of the plate that she fixed for herself. :)

 Once the party was over, we went back to Ree and PaPa's and she the grandkids helped her open presents. :)

While Burke wiped noses. :)

I missed the cutest moment right before Burke thought Hudson needed a nose cleaning. He was laying down and hugging/kissing his sweet new cousin. Priceless moments.

 Speaking of priceless moments... we decided to bring Granny and Gramps breakfast Monday morning.

Grandpa of course brought his Alabama hat to Burke's attention and told him to say (cus words to us). R_  _ _ T _ _ _. 

Burke repeats EVERYTHING he hears right now. Or at least tries to. So what does my little Auburn fan say? The dreaded two words you never want to hear.

So I quickly cover his mouth and tell him "No, no! We don't say that! Those are bad words!" Which... backfired. He loved the reaction he got from me and continued to entertain my Alabama loving gramps. :)

When we left we had a serious discussion. And when we got home and told daddy the story, he did the same... with a threat of a spanking. lol
I kid. (not really)

That same day I headed to Jemison to teach some baton lessons to a great group of girls my friend Julie is the sponsor of. I got to visit with Julie and her three beautiful babies. As for twirling, it was a long six hours, but man it felt good to teach, laugh, and twirl. I can not stress enough about how excited I am to get back into the twirling world! I think the girls did great, and hopefully took away some new things.  I, however, was just left with sore limbs and exhaustion. 
Today, I'm much better though. It only took me 48 hours to bounce back from something that wouldn't have phased me 10 years ago... 

What a great weekend celebrating some amazing people and catching up with ones that I love... even if they do teach my son bad habits. :)

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