Thursday, May 22, 2014

Zoo- Version 2.0

Zoo Mission 0.0 in 2012

1.0 in 2013

It was high time we stopped in again before the craziness of the summer crowd ensues, for our annual trip to the zoo... and with our super sweet and fun friends, Catherine and Gracelyn, and Leslie and Alessio.

Burke knows a lot of animals now, and I know he was a lot more into it than the past two visits... where... let's face it... was just a fun outing. But he has been loving a book that Ree and Papa got him (Curious George goes to the Zoo), and was really excited when Ryan and I woke him up talking about it this morning (which could have been misunderstood as a result of having chocolate glazed doughnuts to start the day). Either way, he was pumped.

We got there when the zoo opens, at 9:30, and left a little after 1:00. A great time was had by all!

Roo (The kangaroo that goes along with the Curious George zoo book) had to make the trip too. :)

Burke kept wanting to see the lions... now that I think about it... I bet he was just wanting to go back to these statues so he could "ride."

Insert happiest baby every and awesome wagon (need one asap.)

They all basically played musical chairs between this and the stroller.

Burke found another statue. :)
His words were, "OOoo Aaaa hug baby, mama" 
Melt my heart.

 Then he decided to pick it's nose.

 And what's fun for one, is fun for all!

Checkin' out the Oooo Aaaa's.

 This tiger was awesome. He came right up to the glass....

 "Hi, tiger." Like it's no big deal... because he sees a tiger every day.

 And my favorite picture of the trip!
1) The tiger is looking at G like "Mmmm you look tasty." 2) G's face is saying "YOU'RE JUST GOING TO LEAVE ME HERE?!"

 Making lion sounds.

Back to the wagon.

 Singing... "Glory, Glory to Ole Auburn" to the listeners on the other end. :)

Then the petting began.


 "Pet belly, mama."

Then they changing into their suits for a little fun at the splash park. Burke was really hesitant at first, wanting me to run through it with him, but then he and Alessio began having a blast doing it all on their own.

Even Gracelyn wasn't afraid!

However, this all came to an abrupt end for Burke when he and Alessio ran into each other. :) Smacking head on concrete will do that I suppose. 

But a train ride made it all better.

and then a carousel ride!
As you can see, little man started getting super sleepy, which was great, because we were worn out too. :)

Zoo Day 2014 in the books. 
It was a great one shared with great friends!

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